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10 alternative uses for coffee that you did not know

After drinking a good cup of coffee, many people usually throw away the residues of this product. However, as with many other things, ground beans can have other uses after they have been consumed. Therefore, knowing how to reuse it is an excellent idea that can help conserve the planet and even save a little money . Here are 10 ways to reuse coffee, all of them very easy to start options.

1. Avoid bad smells

Putting some coffee in a glass and put it in the refrigerator can be a great help so that it does not retain . Also, if our hands have an unpleasant smell, just rub a little coffee on them and then rinse them with warm water . In this way, the aroma will disappear.

2. Exfoliating skin

Thanks to its texture and caffeine, ground coffee beans are very good to and . For the latter it is very advisable to mix the remains of coffee with a little coconut oil and then rub it in a circular way all over the skin. To exfoliate something very similar: coffee is mixed with half a spoonful of olive oil and rubbed on the skin for a few minutes. In the end you just have to rinse.

3. Composting

Coffee is perfect for composting. In addition, it can be used in plants that need acidic soil because it provides a good amount of elements, such as copper, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Likewise, mixing ground coffee with the seeds of carrots and radishes is a great help for these foods .

4. Brightens hair

10 alternative uses for coffee that you did not know

We can reuse the coffee to have a much brighter hair . This is achieved by a solution of coffee and water, as it is done when we want a cup of this drink, which must be cold or at least at room temperature. The solution is used after washing the

5. Repellent of animals and insects

Coffee is an effective In the case of cats it is best to mix coffee with lemon and orange peels. This smell is not liked by these animals, so it drives them away. To make matters worse, rubbing some wet coffee also helps our pets against fleas.

6. Cleaner

Because it is abrasive and acidic, coffee is used by many people as a surface cleaner, especially in the kitchen. For this it is enough to mix the ground coffee with a little soap and water to apply them in the places that we want to clean .

7. Air freshener

10 alternative uses for coffee that you did not know

In addition to avoiding bad odors, coffee also works as an air freshener because its aroma is strong and penetrating, as well as pleasant. In this case we must place the ground coffee inside a fiber or porous cloth that allows the smell of coffee to spread throughout the place . Additionally you can add some kind of aromatic oil or fruit peels.

8. Powder inhibitor

The coffee can be used in places that accumulate ashes or a lot of dust, as happens in chimneys. It is important that the ground coffee is moist since otherwise it will not work . This is spread over the powder, which will make it easier to pick it up.

9. Keeps the furniture in good condition

The wooden furniture can be kept in good condition thanks to the coffee. You just have to rub the whole surface of the furniture with a cloth, which will give you a shine .

10. Cooking

The remains of coffee are useful to prepare different . They are also used as a substrate to grow mushrooms and fungi. As we saw earlier, coffee has properties that are very good for the earth in general and for growing certain plants.

10 alternative uses for coffee that you did not know