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10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

People who have delicate intestines should follow a strict diet if they want to have a good quality of life .

Some foods can be very beneficial thanks to their properties to reduce inflammation of the intestine and restore the bacterial flora.

Discover in this article which are the 10 best foods to take care of our delicate intestine.

Food for the delicate intestine

1. Agar agar

The agar agar is an alga that is used at the gastronomic level to make gelatins . Many vegetarian people consume it to avoid gelatins of animal origin.

With this food we can thicken any liquid. The more we add, the more solid it will be.

Agar agar is, therefore, a vegetable jelly that has the virtue of regulating intestinal function, whether we suffer constipation or diarrhea , thanks to its content in prebiotic fiber and minerals such as magnesium, iodine or calcium.

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2. Chia and flax seeds

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

The chia and flax seeds are the most popular to promote a good intestinal function without irritating this organ or its bacterial flora.

  • When soaking, chia and flax release their mucilage, which is a type of soluble fiber that turns the gelatinous water.
  • By drinking that water together with the seeds we get a deep cleaning of the intestine.

3. Fermented

The foods that have been elaborated through a natural fermentation process are very beneficial to repopulate and protect our intestinal bacterial flora.

And it can suffer the consequences of poor diet, antibiotics or intestinal disorders.

  • The most common fermented foods are natural yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or kombucha tea .

4. Papaya

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

is very suitable in cases of constipation, diverticulitis or parasites.

  • We recommend eating it raw on an empty stomach, in pieces or in juices or shakes.

5. Apple


  • If we eat the raw apple with its peeling we favor the intestinal transit and we fight the constipation, thanks to the soluble fiber that it contains.

This increases the activity of the intestine and strengthens the muscles involved.

  • If we eat the peeled and grated apple , letting it get dark, we will be able to calm cases of diarrhea, thanks to the tannins that appear when it is oxidized and its high pectin content, which retains water and slows down the intestinal movement.

6. Kuzu

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

The kuzu or kudzu is a starch rich in fiber that acts as a regulator in our delicate intestine .

It is also recommended in cases of constipation alternated with diarrhea, spasms or lazy intestine, as well as to improve the bacterial flora.

  • The kuzu dissolves in water and warms until it becomes thick. At that time, without burning, we can take it in small sips.

7. Coffee grounds

This curious remedy is very effective in soothing any intestinal inflammation .

With this simple remedy we will notice an almost immediate relief.

8. Sea water

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

Seawater suitable for consumption is a medicinal food rich in minerals and trace elements that regulates intestinal function if we take it properly .


  • ¼ cup of sea water (50 ml)
  • ¾ glass of water (150 ml).


  • Mix both waters and take a glass on an empty stomach, in small sips.

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9. Plantain


Thus, it is very beneficial in cases of diarrhea, gastritis, peptic ulcers or irritable bowel .

10. Oats

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel

Oatmeal is an excellent cereal, rich in fiber and mucilage, two very suitable nutrients to treat any type of intestinal disorder.

To be effective we must take it cooked or soaking , because if we eat it raw it could be difficult to digest or cause acidity.

10 beneficial foods for those with delicate bowel