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10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga

Yoga is one of the most fashionable physical activities in recent years, especially in Western countries. However, its origin is very old and, according to experts, this was in what is now India and Pakistan. Despite its great popularity, yoga is still practiced wrongly. That is why below we present 10 common mistakes that are made when .

1. Not knowing what yoga really is

Nowadays, one of the most common mistakes that most people make when is precisely to ignore it partially or totally before carrying it out. Undoubtedly, yoga has become a fashion that many people still do not know more about . For example, many believe that yoga is a type of simple physical activity that does not require effort, dedication or commitment.

10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga

However, the opposite occurs in the facts. Yoga is an activity that requires preparation, commitment and, above all, knowledge. In this sense, it is very important to learn before practicing yoga, because there are different types and ways of doing it. Likewise, one must be aware that

2. Choose a bad teacher

Another common mistake that is often made when practicing yoga is making a bad decision when choosing a teacher. Due to its current popularity, there are many people who decide to give yoga classes without having the knowledge to do so . Of course, this can be counterproductive since, being a , we can have injuries.

It is best to go to a place that has certified teachers. Actually, the fact that they are professionals does not mean that they are expensive. It is possible to find good and reliable options at very affordable prices. In fact, in some cities there are associations or groups that help people who are interested in starting to practice yoga.

3. Do not heat

10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga

Before starting a yoga session or routine, it is very important to warm up. As we know, this must be done before practicing any sport or important physical activity. However, many people usually do not warm up before doing yoga because they consider that it is not an exercise as such. This is how you should perform a warm up beforehand, to avoid injuries such as tears or .

4. Compare with others

When they attend a yoga class, many people make the mistake of comparing themselves with others, mainly with the most experienced, and being frustrated by not getting the same results as them. Obviously, this is counterproductive. It must be clear that each person is different and that the results may vary depending on different factors. Therefore, it is best to concentrate on oneself and stipulate personal goals that help us identify our own progress.

5. Practicing yoga in an unsuitable place

10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga

Nowadays there are many places where you can practice yoga. However, not all of them are ideal to do so. For example, it is very difficult to practice this exercise in very small places or places that have a small space , in places where there is a lot of noise or where it is impossible to concentrate or where there is not adequate ventilation or where the temperature is very low or, on the contrary , very high. Therefore it is important to know in advance the place where we are going to practice yoga.

6. Not having the right equipment

Although one of the great advantages of yoga is that you do not need special devices or tools, the truth is that at least you must have the minimum equipment to fully enjoy this activity. The most important recommendation is to use appropriate clothing, which is especially comfortable, bring a small towel and a bottle of water, as well as a yoga mat . Also, remember that yoga is usually practiced barefoot so you should have good hygiene in that part of our body, especially when it is done with more people.

7. Desperate

This error has a lot to do with the number 4 that we mentioned earlier. For people who start to be yoga it can be very frustrating not being able to do some exercises correctly, so they usually fall into despair. As we said, this is a mistake that is better to avoid given that each person has a different rhythm. Also, despair can cause us to stagnate and even injury or physical problems.

8. Pain

Although yoga can be a complicated activity, this does not mean that you should experience pain when practicing it. On the contrary, yoga should be something relaxing that helps your body and mind to feel better. In case you feel pain when doing this exercise, it is best to consult your teacher to guide you about it. It could be the case that you are performing the exercises incorrectly.

9. Abuse this activity

10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga

Of course, another very common mistake that is made when practicing yoga is precisely to abuse this type of exercise. As we know, abuse can be harmful to our health, especially for muscles. Therefore, it is best to progress progressively and not abuse yoga, trying to get good results in a short time. Calm is always better.

10. Do not finish the whole session

Generally, at the end of a yoga class or session, what is known as the “final relationship” is usually performed. This is a very important exercise that, however, is often not completed by everyone. This is because, for reasons of time, some students leave the class before it is completed. But it is important to perform the “final relaxation”, since in this way our body will experience all the benefits that yoga has for us.

10 common mistakes that are made when practicing yoga