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10 crafts to have your desk in order

Having a desk in order is not an impossible mission. It is all about availing ourselves of the usefulness of certain objects, knowing how to place things and dare to be as practical as we can.

And it is that, for many, it is very stressful to have the work space in disarray, not find things and accumulate one thing over another, without knowing where they will end up. As a consequence, this generates discomfort and lack of encouragement when sitting at the desk. To the naked eye, what can be seen is a cluster of objects within which, we can not find what we really need.

To save this vision every day, all we have to do is face that chaos, separate the objects, according to the classification that best suits us, and then place them in containers strategically placed to preserve order.

Crafts to keep your desk in order

1. With milk powder cans

10 crafts to have your desk in order

To take advantage of powdered milk cans, we can decorate them on the outside with a little paper, to our liking and have them to place our pencils, colors, pens and other If you want to optimize the result, use more than 3 cans and place different objects inside each one. In this way, you will visualize better what you have and what you do not.

To keep your desk in order, you can place the cans in their usual position or make a small pyramid. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the wall and place them “on the air”, to get a more open work surface.

Another idea to take advantage of milk powder cans, is to add a rotating base, circular or square, to give an even more profitable turn to the whole.

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2. A wooden board with nails

10 crafts to have your desk in order

In many workshops of mechanics, hardware stores, among others, plates with holes are used, placed on the wall, to place the different tools in a visible and orderly manner. The purpose of this provision also means to take care of the tools, since, by keeping them in order, it is avoided that they remain there and hit, or break.

To keep our desk in order, we can use this same idea. We can find a board with holes and install it over our desk. This way we can organize all our things and locate them easily.

3. With buckets or cans of paint

10 crafts to have your desk in order

If your desk is fixed to a wall, this craft is ideal for you. Collect some paint buckets and decorate them the way you like. You can locate them all in the same area or separately. The important thing is that we establish an order that is easy for us to maintain.

4. With glass jars

10 crafts to have your desk in order

On many occasions, fruits in syrup and jams , such as peaches or cherries, are stored in large glass jars. To take advantage of these jars, we can clean them and paint them with spray paint. At the moment we will have some porta-objects that will serve us to place pencils, scissors, etc., and that we can arrange according to our taste.

5. With cardboard boxes

10 crafts to have your desk in order

Use the cardboard boxes of your home appliances to make your own document filing cabinet. The idea is to reuse as much as possible each object that does not have a task assigned at home.

In the case of cardboard boxes, it is very easy to take advantage of the material and give it the appearance and utility that we want. The best thing of all is that we can renew it, as many times as necessary. To create a desktop organizer, you must include sections inside the box. Then you decorate to your liking and that’s it! You already have your desk in order .

6. With boxes for drawers

10 crafts to have your desk in order

If the mess of your desk is inside the drawers and is a disaster when looking for something you urgently need, you can use small

7. With shelves

10 crafts to have your desk in order

Another tip for storing objects and keeping your desk clear and tidy is to place wooden shelves, plastic, metal, or glass on the wall. In this way, you create a clear division and avoid accumulating objects on a single surface (in this case, the desktop).

You can combine the shelves with other of the crafts that we mentioned earlier. This will give you more space to organize what is out of place.

8. With a curtain pipe and hooks

10 crafts to have your desk in order

You can get a tube to hang a curtain or simply use a broomstick. This idea will allow you to hang some things and give a better look to that mess you call desktop.

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9. With pallets

10 crafts to have your desk in order

Pallet sticks are very easy to get, besides being very cheap. You can make small boxes with them to organize your markers, pencils, scissors, rules and so on. In addition to this, you can paint them to your liking to give a more original touch.

10. With cardboard tubes

10 crafts to have your desk in order

You can use cardboard tubes that are left over from toilet paper or kitchen paper and make pencil holders to keep your desk in order. You can also adapt a box to put several of them inside and, in this way, make an organizer for pencils and markers. Another way to dispose of the pencil holders is to make a pyramid with the toilet paper tubes and add a cardboard base.

10 crafts to have your desk in order