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10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know

Laughter is one of the ways to free ourselves from the negative burdens we acquire due to stress and hectic lifestyle.

This habit, which we sometimes forget to practice, has on the physical and mental health of all people.

So much does the body do that even some hospitals and health centers are using it as a treatment to control the symptoms of patients with chronic diseases.

And, according to several decreases anxiety, controls tension and strengthens the immune system to prevent diseases.

These and other reasons should motivate us every day to look for reasons to laugh, despite the difficulties that arise.

So there are no doubts about how good it is for our health, next we want to share 10 curiosities that you probably did not know.

1. Laughter is a universal language

10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know

Undoubtedly, laughing is a form of communication that all human beings can interpret, regardless of race, culture or language.

The sound that is emitted is so we can even recognize it without needing to see the person.

In addition, human beings are not the only ones who laugh : rats, chimpanzees and dogs can also do it.

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2. The brain can identify a false laugh from an authentic

It’s not fair to pretend! When the brain perceives a false laugh, it increases the activity in the area of ​​the prefrontal cortex of the brain, an area that gives us the ability to understand the emotions of others.

3. Increase energy expenditure

A good dose of laughter increases and helps eliminate more calories. Some

For every 10 or 15 minutes of laughter a day between 10 and 40 calories are consumed , although they are not too many, it is somewhat beneficial.

4. Do you know at what age we start laughing?

10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know

Until long ago it was thought that laughter was a quality that was acquired at the time of birth; nevertheless, the obstetrician discovered, thanks to the 4D ultrasounds, that the first smiles are produced when the baby is still in the womb.

Despite this, the laughter does not appear until the first three or four months of life.

5. Can prevent wrinkles

Do you want to keep your face younger and wrinkle free? Start laughing! The effects it has on the blood circulation, added to the movements it causes in the facial muscles, contribute to tone the skin to keep it radiant.

During the act of laughing, the

6. It is a muscle relaxant

Because of its ability to move most of the muscles of the body, it is also a great remedy against muscle tension and pain.

The movements that it implies act as a relaxant to reduce both the superficial muscles and those in deeper parts.

7. It is a natural analgesic

10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know

People who laugh more often are able to endure up to 10% more pain compared to those who laugh little.

This is because it stimulates the segregation of serotonin and endorphins, neurotransmitters responsible for causing well-being and happiness.

8. Improve lung health

Laughter therapy is being applied to clean and improve the functions of the lungs. This increases oxygenation and works like any other traditional .

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9. Laughing as a couple strengthens the relationship

10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know

One of the main reasons to remain united with someone is to know that there will be moments of happiness and pleasant experiences.

Couples who laugh together and overcome adversity with good humor are more likely to stay together for more years, according to .

10. Laughter has its own science

Although many do not know it, there is a science in charge of analyzing and discovering what are the effects that laughter causes both physically and psychologically. It is called

Moment of laughing! To benefit from all the benefits of a good session of laughter, try to find pleasant moments that stimulate you .

Friends, family and even a simple program of

10 curiosities about laughter that you will love to know