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10 dangerous games between teenagers

Currently, there are more and more dangerous games that spread easily among teenagers through social networks. Regardless of the format in which the idea is presented (audio, video, image or text) all, equally, pose a risk to life.

It is considered that an idea is dangerous when it crosses the limit of what is beneficial to health. By not taking into account one’s own safety , or that of others, an idea can become an unfortunate event.

While it is true that adolescence is a stage in which you need to explore and experiment thoroughly, it is necessary to guide adolescents . They need to be taught to discern between what is really profitable and what is not, how far it can be reached and why, and also why knowing the limits does not mean that fun is lost.

Here we comment on the dangerous games that can be suggested among teenagers, what they are and why they are harmful.

10 dangerous games between teenagers

1. The ice and salt challenge

10 dangerous games between teenagers

This game involves placing salt on the skin and pressing with an ice cube. This produces a chemical reaction that causes the person to experience a burning sensation that can reach up to 21 degrees below zero.

Who is the winner in this game? The one that manages to endure the

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2. Shocking game (Game of suffocation)

In this game the goal is to make the person faint. To do this, he hangs until it fades. Why? because, supposedly, during the fainting you experience a feeling of happiness, very similar to the effect of

But what happens when the brain is deprived of oxygen? Inevitably the cells are damaged. Among its most serious consequences are seizures, entering a coma and even death.

3. Knockout game

10 dangerous games between teenagers

Among the dangerous games, the challenges are the way in which adolescents get the motivation to perform a certain action and achieve acceptance. The consequences are hardly taken into account, since the goal is to achieve certain social status and recognition by other adolescents.

This game consists in attacking strange people, without any reason. A group of several teenagers gather in an area, choose a victim at random and when they intercept, they start hitting it with their fists and feet until they get tired and run away from the site.

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4. Fire challenge

Fashion is a double-edged sword and teenagers have to fall into many trends in their search for social approval . Therefore, they often act impulsively. The challenge of fire is to wet an area of ​​the body with a flammable liquid and catch fire.

Meanwhile there is another participant who is responsible for recording the action and the protagonist tries to extinguish the flame as quickly as possible. The problem is that it is not always possible to extinguish it.

5. Balconing (Jumping from a balcony)

10 dangerous games between teenagers

Teenagers compete for the title of winner, their instinct of superiority stands in the way of reason. What is this game about? It consists of jumping from the highest place you are in (the higher you are, the more courage the participant gains), which is usually a balcony. He often skips under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. The challenge of cinnamon

The goal is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon powder in a quantity in an instant and without drinking any kind of liquid. The person who manages to swallow the cinnamon without coughing wins. Usually, the participants end up expelling the mixture through the mouth and nose. This is known as “dragon breath”.

This game can severely affect the lungs, cause choking, irritation in the throat and even a lung collapse.

7. Ingest antibacterial gel

10 dangerous games between teenagers

The popularity of this challenge has increased alarmingly. It began to be practiced in Sweden and, since then, there have been millions of children and adolescents around the world who have fallen into temptation.

The challenge is to drink antibacterial gel. It is considered that this product has up to 80% ethyl alcohol and causes the same effects of an alcoholic beverage but multiplied. This causes the person to become poisoned.

8. Cough syrup

A simple cough syrup, who does not have one at home? Many cough syrups contain dextromethorphan, which by drinking excessively, leads to hallucinations and states of euphoria.

9. Eyeballing (putting alcohol in the eyes)

10 dangerous games between teenagers

This game consists in the separation of the eyelids to place the bottle of vodka in the eyes and pour it. Subsequently, the alcohol comes into direct contact with the retina. This is done to intensify the effects of

Experts say that this practice causes irreversible damage to the cornea.

10. The challenge of the 48 hours

The 48 hour challenge is one of the most popular dangerous must capture the attention of social networks.

Given that adolescence is a difficult stage, it is important that everyone keeps up with the fashions of dangerous games that arise, in order to detect and denounce a dangerous practice in time for both the adolescent and others.

On the other hand, we must also pay attention to the use of social networks maintained by adolescents to ensure that they do not put their health or their lives at risk.

10 dangerous games between teenagers