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10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important

Our health is very important. However, on many occasions we do not pay him the attention he deserves. Mainly, this happens because we minimize our suffering or because they are embarrassing or embarrassing . However, being health problems we must worry about them. That is why below we mention 10 embarrassing health problems, but supremely IMPORTANT.

1. Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common health problems, especially among women. In addition to embarrassing, constipation is extremely annoying. It is usually due to a diet low in fiber or dehydration. For its part, the symptoms of this condition are usually stomach cramps, abnormal bowel movements, nausea, headache and loss of appetite . Among the are drinking water, including fiber in the diet, taking a laxative and even walking or running.

2. Acne

10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important

Acne is usually very common during adolescence, a stage in which our body undergoes important changes that become uncomfortable or embarrassing. However, acne is a condition that can occur at any time, so many adults suffer from it . Even acne can leave marks or lesions on the skin that also often cause problems for people who have it. Broadly speaking,

3. Cold sores

Cold sores are one of the most annoying and uncomfortable conditions that exist. As we know, cold sores are manifested in small blisters that appear mostly around the mouth. The best way to fight it is to wash your hands continuously, not touch the affected area and carry a healthy diet . In fact, there are also topical treatments that are sold in pharmacies.

4. Bad breath

10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important

or halitosis is a very common oral condition. It is a condition caused by bacteria, which cause bad breath. These bacteria can be originated by the foods that are ingested, by certain types of drinks, by smoking and, mainly, by not having a correct oral hygiene. In these cases, halitosis can not be fought only with refreshing pills or toothpaste . You should have good oral hygiene and use other products such as mouthwash and floss.

5. Warts

Warts are a type of human papilloma, which causes a protein located in the upper layer of the skin to grow abnormally and disorderly. In many cases, the warts appear for this type of virus, although some also for a bad diet or reflect bad health . In this regard there are various treatments to get rid of them. However, some disappear alone.

6. Athlete’s foot

The famous is another of the embarrassing conditions that many people tend to experience at some point in their lives. This is caused by a fungus that, in turn, produces the majority of the time excessive sweating, itching, cracking of the feet and bad smell . The latter is usually the most embarrassing and annoying, since sometimes the smell is very penetrating. For its part, this condition is contracted, most of the time, by having contact with barefoot public places.

7. Excess body hair

10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important

Excess body hair is a very embarrassing problem for certain people, particularly women. Although it can not be considered as a health problem as such, the truth is that this causes serious problems of self-esteem and insecurity among people who have a lot of body hair . The conflict is greater when the hair is on the face, back or arms.

8. Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is another problem or health condition very annoying and embarrassing. Its causes are related to an overproduction of the sweat glands. Among its most important consequences we must mention the bad smell, which is even annoying for other people . To try to solve this problem there are currently treatments that reduce the excessive production of sweat.

9. Dandruff

10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important

Dandruff is a very common embarrassing problem that, as we know, affects the scalp. dandruff can be seen at a glance, causing the person who suffers discomfort and embarrassment . However, in the market there are various products to remedy it, although in particular cases it is best to consult a specialist.

10. Obesity

Obesity is a very serious health problem to which, however, many people do not give due seriousness. This condition can lead to other types of problems such as hypertension, diabetes or serious cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks . Therefore, far from being an aesthetic issue, obesity is a serious health problem that is often also embarrassing or embarrassing.

10 "embarrassing" health problems, but important