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10 foods that cause abdominal dissension

There are many people who suffer from abdominal distension and sometimes do not pay attention that really require this kind of stomach problems.

Maybe the solution is to stop taking some ingredients that are included in the daily diet, which are what keep your stomach inflamed.

You have to be careful and try to eliminate them or, at least, reduce their consumption .

In this opportunity we will tell you about ten foods that can cause distension. If they are in your diet it will be better to remove them from it so that you get better from this problem.

The foods that inflame you are harmful to health, as they fill the stomach with gas and cause pain.

1. Beans cause abdominal distension

Beans are large producers of gas in the body and, although they are an excellent source of protein, it is necessary to reduce their consumption to a minimum if you want to improve the problem of abdominal inflammation.

You can consume protein by eating chicken or fish, it is a good way to replace the ones provided by

2. Fat-rich foods

Fatty foods such as potato chips are ideal for the abdomen to inflate.

The fried foods as such are more difficult to digest and, therefore, cause the stomach to remain inflamed and with a feeling of heaviness.

There are foods that contain fats that are beneficial for the body and therefore will not produce unpleasant fullness and indigestion.

Among these we find the

If you want to have a healthy life, the most advisable thing is that you try to reduce to the maximum the consumption of fatty foods and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

3. Salt

10 foods that cause abdominal dissension
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If a person exceeds the consumption of salt is exposed to your body retains fluid and therefore your middle area, ie your stomach, is inflamed.

Ideally, eat low in salt to maintain a healthy organism and with adequate sodium levels.

It is very important to control the consumption of this product and especially if you have a tendency to suffer from , since sodium contributes to increase the levels of pressure.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables such as cabbage, when they enter the digestive system they cause

This is because the good bacteria that we have in our intestine, when they come into contact with these compounds, release methane in a way that generates abdominal distension and the discomfort it causes.

5. Soft drinks and carbonated drinks

10 foods that cause abdominal dissension

Soft drinks and other carbonated drinks generate carbon dioxide, causing the stomach to generate gases , which of course, will make you feel bloated and very heavy.

The best thing you can do is replace these unhealthy drinks with natural juices that will do your body a lot of good.

6. Refined carbohydrates

The so-called refined carbohydrates are all those products that have been stripped of their fiber and have been converted into calories without any kind of nutrient beneficial to the body.

The products made with white flour, such as bread, pasta, pizza and, in general, all bakery products, are refined carbohydrates.

It would be convenient to exclude them from your daily food list, as they can cause abdominal swelling; Of course you can eat a pizza or a piece of bread, but not very often and in moderation.

7. Highly spiced foods

10 foods that cause abdominal dissension

Foods prepared with many condiments such as chili, black pepper, nutmeg, garlic, mustard or vinegar can release acids in the stomach.

This, of course, will cause irritation and inflammation of the stomach, making you feel very heavy.

The most healthy thing for the whole organism in general is to eat without too many condiments . With onions, tomatoes and a few herbs will be very good.

8. Artificial sweeteners

Most sweets and cookies are made with artificial products and sweeteners that can cause abdominal distension and diarrhea.

Remember it and think about it before buying and consuming this kind of products that do not do any good to your health.

9. The chewing gum

Chewing gum is a product that makes your stomach fill with gas because, when chewing, you swallow air and this goes directly to the digestive system causing inflammation and discomfort.

10. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are large producers of gases in the body , causing inflammation.

The best option is to substitute this kind of drinks that are not healthy by natural juices or water.

As you have seen, the previous foods can cause you great health problems, especially digestive.

The best thing is that you try to exchange them for others that if they bring benefits to your body.

Remember that fruits and vegetables are the foods that we recommend most in all our articles.

And is that they are the ones that provide the vast majority of nutrients that our body requires so that we can be healthy and have the necessary energy to perform daily tasks.

10 foods that cause abdominal dissension