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10 foods to treat migraine

Migraines … The word alone scares us, it is a special type of headache associated with an insufferably throbbing pain commonly located in a single part of the head, it can cause vomiting and even light bothers us.

When we suffer migraines we usually prefer the silence of a room in the dark, it is a process that blocks us between 6 and 48 hours, and sometimes, it precedes a series of symptoms known as “aura”, indicators that warn us about the imminent arrival of migraine.

Possible causes of migraine

  • -It affects more women, and sometimes it usually appears at a very early age.
  • -The hereditary factor has a lot of weight in the appearance of migraines.
  • -The migraine itself is due to abnormal brain activity , due to alterations of certain nerve pathways and surrounding tissues.
  • -The stress is undoubtedly a factor that can cause strong migraine attacks.
  • -Problems in the liver.
  • -Hormonal changes.
  • Problems in vision , sometimes working many hours in front of the computer.
  • Bad nutrition.

What can trigger a migraine?

  • -A very stressful day .
  • -Changes in our sleep cycles .
  • -Five in the morning.
  • – To be long in the sun.
  • Menstruation , and even the use of contraceptive pills.
  • Certain foods such as cocoa, dairy products … and especially foods that contain tyramine (red wine, cured cheese, fish, chicken livers, figs …)
  • Very bright lights , very strong smells, noises or loud sounds …

Remedies for Migraines

Natural analgesics

Ginger: It is possibly the most effective natural analgesic that can be, great without a doubt for migraines. You can for example prepare a tea with ginger twice a day, boil water and let it sit for a few minutes, then strain it and ingest it little by little.

10 foods to treat migraine

Mint: it is an excellent sedative. You can make infusions with it, but a massage with mint oil on the neck is perfect for relaxing, inhaling its vapors is also very effective.

Lavender, lemon balm and lime: All of them have a very appropriate sedative action. If you combine them and ingest them every five hours, little by little you will see how your pain improves.

Cat’s Claw: Ideal for migraine: it deflates and calms pain.

Calendula : Perfect to relax and relieve pain. Just take two cups a day, take a handful of leaves and heat ¼ of water, filter the liquid and drink it little by little.

Lavender oil: You can apply it on the forehead with a compress, it is a very old remedy to relieve the pain of migraines.

Adequate nutrition for migraines

Vitamin B2 : Research conducted by the University of Belgium concluded that all foods that include vitamin B2 significantly reduce headache. Where do we find them? In those that contain riboflavin, that is: sardines, lentils, salmon, sea bass, mushrooms …

Vitamin B6 : Necessary to increase serotonin, which prevents the appearance of pain. We can find it in cod, tuna, trout, baked potatoes (with skin), broccoli, asparagus, turnips, whole grains, sunflower seeds, bran

Magnesium Indispensable. According to many studies, when we suffer stress, magnesium production is blocked, which directly leads to physical pain, and especially to headaches. Where can we find it? Take note: in brewer’s yeast, in sunflower seeds, in nuts, in brown rice, in dried chestnuts … You can also find magnesium capsules in herbalists as supplements that can help you prevent migraines .

Diet that you can follow for a day to prevent or relieve migraine

  • – Fasting : Lemon juice squeezed, helps us cleanse the body.
  • -Breakfast : A cup of oatmeal and a piece of fruit.
  • -Food: A vegetable broth, fresh salad and salmon.
  • -Don’t forget to drink a lot of water: it will prevent you from getting dehydrated, especially if you have vomited from the pain of migraines.
  • -Dinner : steamed vegetables, an integral sandwich and a cup of oatmeal with almond milk.
  • -Before going to sleep : a fresh apple and an infusion previously specified.

Foods that you should avoid

  • -Sugary drinks
  • -Chocolates. 10 foods to treat migraine
  • -Red wine.
  • -Cards healed.
  • – Old bones.
  • – Tomato sauce, dressings, marinades …
  • -Embutidos.
  • – Stimulating drinks.
  • – Whole cow milk.
  • – Black tea.

In conclusion we also recommend that you include in your life one hour a day to perform some kind of exercise : go by bike, walk … as well as try to relax a little more, sometimes migraines are very associated with the stress factor and hence the importance to rethink life in a more tranquil way.

10 foods to treat migraine