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10 natural remedies to stop caffeine

Most societies accept caffeine consumption as normal . , chocolate, bebidas energética e incluso el té. It is a natural stimulant found in coffee, , chocolate, energy drinks and even tea.

Despite being so common, when consumed in excess it is very harmful to the body.

If you suffer from constant insomnia, anxiety and stress you are likely to need to quit caffeine.

Once you decide to leave caffeine aside, symptoms of withdrawal are likely to appear.

This will make it more difficult to reach your goal, but you can try some natural home remedies based on dietary changes.

The foods that we mentioned are excellent natural remedies to stop caffeine and you can consume them without any risk.

In addition, they are an excellent source of energy that do not bring collateral damage to your body, on the contrary they give a plus to your quality of life.

1. Green vegetables

  • Eat green leafy foods like spinach, chard, cabbage and broccoli .
  • Because of its high iron content they help to increase the energy in the body. In turn, they balance pH in the blood and strengthen your immune system.

You can prepare a green smoothie instead of the morning coffee. In this way, you nourish your body while detoxifying it from caffeine.

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2. Green tea
10 natural remedies to stop caffeine

es la mejor opción cuando decides dejar la cafeína. The is the best option when you decide to quit caffeine. uno de los mayores antioxidantes naturales para el cuerpo. It can be consumed at any time and is one of the greatest natural antioxidants for the body.

It also contributes to the elimination of free radicals, so it gives the body greater vitality without causing addiction.

3. Plums and blueberries

You can prepare a smoothie for the time you want.

You can have prepared to drink whenever you feel the need to consume caffeine.

4. Citrus fruits

contrarresta los síntomas de abstinencia que pueden presentarse al dejarla. Consuming fruits with a high vitamin C content not only helps to avoid cravings for caffeine, but also counteracts the withdrawal symptoms that may occur when leaving.

  • Prepare a juice for noon or garnish the salads with lemon or orange juice.
  • Drinking citrus fruit juices also helps you eliminate toxins.

5. Royal jelly 10 natural remedies to stop caffeine

It is a great energy source, even better than caffeine. te servirá para activar tu cuerpo y, al mismo tiempo, regenerar células. Consuming a spoonful at will serve to activate your body and, at the same time, regenerate cells.

6. Milk with honey

It is common for you to feel something sweet. This is a call from the body to receive that extra energy that caffeine gives you.

no es buena idea consumir dulces demasiados calóricos . However, it is not a good idea to consume too many calories . Instead, take a glass of milk sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.

7. Yogurt

It is an excellent ally to boost your day. para la mañana ya media tarde. You can eat it alone or prepare a smoothie with one or two for the morning and mid afternoon.

It provides the body with energy counteracting the states of discouragement or discomfort that may arise from leaving caffeine.

8. Healthy energy candies

It is possible to find a great variety of candies that help you to stop caffeine. The most recommended are coconut, ginger, peanuts and cinnamon.

They serve so that you feel with spirit and you can find them easily. Just remember not to exceed your consumption.

9. Cereals and grains

They are rich in zinc, potassium and magnesium. These three minerals provide great benefits to the body, mainly in relation to energy intake .

  • Increase consumption of rice and other cereals such as oats,

10. Seeds 10 natural remedies to stop caffeine

The increase in caffeine consumption is due to the body’s need to stay alert . The seeds are ideal to fill that need without damaging the organism.

The best options are:

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The effects of quitting caffeine

Maybe until now you have not seen the need to stop caffeine. However, the effects of abstinence do not usually go unnoticed , so they show a clear addiction.

We tell you about the changes that you will see in your body and that will be solved thanks to the natural remedies that we mentioned before:

  • cafeína. Headaches: They occur when you are not ingesting the usual daily dose of caffeine.
  • Depression : You begin to feel sad and unmotivated for no apparent reason .
  • Constipation : Regular consumption of caffeine allows a constant movement of the intestines. When you decide to leave this product, they are likely to become slow.

Hence the importance in modifying the

  • Nasal problems : If you have started a diet routine with absence of caffeine, it is common to start having secretions or even if you have not had a cold .
  • Sleep and lethargy: When definitively leaving caffeine, the body begins to feel low energy and states of apathy.

We only mentioned the 5 most annoying and obvious effects, but they are many more. In general, leaving caffeine has consequences.

The natural remedies to leave it that we have recommended replace the energy that caffeine gives for a healthier one .

10 natural remedies to stop caffeine