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The a good hot bath is something healthy that has many health properties.

Here we leave you a series of reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower.

1. It helps you burn calories

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

Believe it or not, taking a hot bath will help you burn calories.

In particular, if you do it for an hour it will allow you to burn up to 126 calories, which would be equivalent to 30 minutes walking.

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2. Good for the health of your heart

Taking a hot bath is good to maintain the good health of your

  • A bath with fresh water for about twenty minutes will improve your circulation, reduce blood pressure and strengthen your heart function.
  • That is to say, a bath of these characteristics would have the same benefit as following a healthy diet in which a large amount of fruits and vegetables would be included, as well as regular exercise.

3. It is able to reduce the level of blood sugar

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

Something as simple as taking a hot bath will be able to reduce the blood compared the action of riding a bicycle with a hot bath .

Why? After several

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4. Purify your skin

Taking a hot bath will purify your skin. And is that thanks to water at a high temperature will get open pores, sweat and purify the skin naturally.

This effect is comparable to exercising also. In addition, if you combine the bath with masks and oils suitable for your skin type you will achieve even more surprising results.

5. It helps you eliminate muscle pain

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

Taking a hot bath is also good for treating muscle and joint pain.

And you will not only find great relief thanks to a good massage: you can also achieve it through other alternatives such as a bath.

If you want the relaxing effect to be even greater, you can add

6. It will keep you young

Something that is able to relax and has benefits for your skin, of course, will also help you stay younger.

7. Regulates digestion

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

A bath with fresh water is good to regulate digestion.

In this sense, it would have a positive effect that could improve your intestinal function and help you eliminate gases . However, to avoid complications, it is advisable to do it two hours after eating.

8. It will help you fall asleep

Taking a relaxing bath will help you fall asleep. As with milk, it helps to relax and sleep more quickly.

Several investigations Bathing in hot water at night helps you fall asleep and wake up quickly the next morning.

9. Raise your spirits

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

According to recent taking a hot bath will keep you calm and help you overcome loneliness at all times.

Also, in case you add essential oils, such as lavender, orange or bergamot, you can improve your mood even more.

When bathing, to give you an idea, you will feel the same effect of satisfaction that you would feel when drinking

10. You will have fun

In addition, bathing for an hour quietly, plus a most relaxing experience, is also fun.

So, do not hesitate, fill your bathtub up and immerse yourself in it.

When you leave you will be as new and your body will appreciate it.

10 reasons why a hot bath is healthier than a shower

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