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10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen

Taking care of our diet is very important to enjoy good health. Experts recommend eating a balanced diet and eating foods low in fat and sugar that, on the contrary, are very nutritious. However, sometimes we do not know what ingredients to use to prepare the food we eat every day in our homes. That is why below we present 10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen.

1. Whole flour

It is very common to use flour to prepare any type of food, from cookies to fish or beef. In the event that you have to use it, the best thing is that instead of the common or regular flour you can use wholemeal flour. This type of flour is very easy to find in any store or supermarket. It is very rich in

2. Apple puree

10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen

Sweetening our food or drinks is very common and even necessary. However, sometimes we abuse sugar, which is the most used ingredient for it. But you have to be careful. Abusing sugar can cause serious health problems such as diabetes and overweight. To avoid this, you can substitute sugar for unsweetened applesauce, which gives a mild but pleasant flavor, in addition to increasing vitamins and decreasing calories. It is very important not to abuse , since in recent dates they have been found to be harmful.

3. Cocoa

If you want to enjoy a delicious milk chocolate, we recommend using cocoa powder instead of a common chocolate bar. The latter, as is known, contain large amounts of extra sugar, so they are very bad for health. For its part, cocoa powder is an excellent choice because it does not contain added sugar, so you can better control the sugar you consume each time you drink this delicious beverage.

4. Whole grain bread

10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen

Just like flour, one recommendation is to substitute regular white bread for one that is integral. White bread usually has a little more sugar, although sometimes both have the same level of calories. However, whole wheat bread is much more nutritious. This means that you have to eat less bread to get the amount of energy you need to perform your daily activities.

5. Olive oil

Although in Europe it is widely used, in other parts of the world (like the American continent) is not very popular. If you do not use it, it is best to include it in your daily diet as soon as possible. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fats, besides it is very good for the heart and for the skin. To make matters worse, it has an exquisite flavor and can be used to prepare any dish.

6. Water

10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen

In many parts of the world, the consumption of soft drinks is widespread. Of course, this type of drink is extremely harmful to our health, due mainly to the large amount of sugar and, therefore, the calories it contains. The abuse in its consumption has a high incidence in the development of obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it is best to replace the soda with natural water or fruit that is prepared at home. If you choose , remember that it already contains the pulp of the fruit, so it is important not to add much sugar.

7. Corn tortillas

Tortillas are a very popular product in Mexico and in some parts of the United States and Latin America. Although those that are made of It is very important to remember that corn is much better, since it contains much less fat and calories.

8. Sorbet

10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen

In case of wanting a dessert, a recommendation is to substitute the common ice cream (made with milk) for a sorbet or snow that is made with fruits and water . This last ingredient makes this type of food much lighter, with fewer calories, besides it is extremely refreshing.

9. Integral pasta

Another very important integral product is pasta. Substitute regular pasta for an integral to eat nutritiously and with fewer calories.

10. Skim milk

Skim milk is very good to enjoy good health. It is low in calories and, of course, in fat, so its consumption is highly recommended.

10 substitute ingredients for a lighter kitchen