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10 tricks to fight the heat

Summer is synonymous with holidays, spending lots of time outdoors and enjoying the hot weather.

If you live in an area where the hot weather becomes unbearable in some occasions , then this series of

1. Transpire and drink water

and helps the body stay cool.

This cooling process is performed by millions of sweat glands located in different areas of the body (apocrine) and skin (eccrine).

However, perspiring for a couple of hours can result in

Unlike popular belief, sweat has no smell. This comes off the action with bacteria located on the skin or body hair. Therefore, we suggest you have good hygiene and good nutrition.

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2. Avoid showering with cold water

10 tricks to fight the heat

Anyone could think that a good bath of cold water would reduce body temperature.

However, the effect it produces is to activate the body by raising the temperature so as not to lose heat.

On the other hand, the warm water is cold enough to lower the temperature, but also hot enough so that the organism does not retain the heat.

3. Eat spicy

and, as we mentioned above, perspiration helps regulate body temperature.

As much as possible, try to include some spicy ingredients in your meals.

4. Wear light, loose, and breathable clothing

10 tricks to fight the heat

Thanks to the dry air currents on the body, the heat loss is increased by evaporation of the sweat.

Try to wear lightweight garments if your sun exposure is reduced.

5. Wear black clothes

Usually the use of light colored clothes is recommended, since the colors in dark tones concentrate the heat.

However, we must recognize that the human body is another source of heat. The linen reflects the warm temperature of the body but does not let it out, but returns to the body itself, while the black clothes will simply absorb it.

However, the use of light or dark clothing will depend on the weather conditions.

6. Wear a hat or cap

10 tricks to fight the heat

These accessories are important to protect from the sun’s rays. Make sure they are made of synthetic fibers that do not absorb sweat.

In addition, they must have ventilation to allow perspiration and heat to dissipate.

7. Make light meals

Consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help hydrate and enjoy good health.

The best foods, because of their high water content, are:

8. Do not abuse drinks with caffeine, alcohol or sweetened

10 tricks to fight the heat

Ice cream, soft drinks, processed juices, and even beer, instead of providing greater freshness, activate the loss of body fluid and, in some cases, increase the heat.

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9. Be thin

In a person, the production of heat is proportional to the volume .

That is, robust people are at a disadvantage in warm environments versus thin ones. Therefore, taking care of your weight is another key to suffer less in the hot season.

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10. Cool key areas

Apply cold in areas such as wrists, behind the knees, neck and neck, is a simple and useful option.

The reason is that the veins and arteries are much closer to the skin.

In this way, when in contact with a bag of cold water, the temperature of the flow and blood circulation decreases. The effect: greater freshness in your body.

As you can see, these tricks are not so difficult to apply, so we hope they will help you to make your summer amazing and, above all, enjoy the hot season.

10 tricks to fight the heat