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10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally

After eating food it is advisable to wash the to eliminate waste.

And is that, without noticing it, in our teeth a sticky substance is formed, which goes from transparent to white, called plaque.

If not removed frequently, the plaque hardens into the dreaded tartar .

Luckily, it is possible to remove dental plaque naturally at home. The important thing is to prevent it from growing into a problem.

The importance of proper oral hygiene

10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally

When it comes to avoiding problems in the teeth, grooming is undoubtedly the best option.

In a clean mouth the bacteria will not have long life . The teeth that are cleaned properly are less prone to infections and the proliferation of oral bacteria.

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Remedies to remove dental plaque naturally

There are practical recipes that help eliminate plaque naturally without leaving We tell you about some of the most effective:

1. Infusion of mountain wormwood

In wilderness stores you can find wormwood mountain. This is a very beneficial plant for your mouth, as it has antiseptic properties of great action.

  • Prepare an infusion with a spoonful of absinthe in a cup of water. Use it to brush or rinse continuously .

2. Apple cider vinegar
10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally

elimina las bacterias que causan la placa dental. It is a great ally for oral cleaning because it eliminates the bacteria that cause dental plaque.

  • You can choose to rinse with the pure vinegar and then rinse with water.
  • You can also mix water and vinegar in equal parts to make rinses in the morning and before bedtime.

3. Nut shell infusion

o bien, sumergir el cepillo en ella. You can brush with this infusion of shell or immerse the brush in it. Try brushing for at least 3 minutes, gently.

  • Heat the nutshell in a bowl of water.
  • When it reaches a boil, let it infuse for 5 minutes.
  • Let stand another 15 minutes before using.

4. Sunflower seeds

To control plaque, boil a handful of sunflower seeds with a handful of lime flowers in a cup of water.

  • rompa el hervor, espera 3 minutos, retira del fuego y deja reposar. When it breaks the boil, wait 3 minutes, remove from the heat and let stand.
  • You can use it as many times as you want, such as mouthwash or brushing .

5. Walnut bark

The walnut bark fulfills two exceptional functions in your teeth:

Like the previous recipes, prepare the infusion and try to use it regularly as a rinse as an alternative to commercial rinses.

6. Baking soda

10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally

Dentists recommend it because it is an effective antiseptic .


  • 1 glass of warm water (200 ml)
  • 3 teaspoons baking soda (15 g)
  • One lemon’s juice
  • ½ teaspoon of salt (5 g)


Mix the ingredients well and make daily swishes for 1 minute after brushing.

7. Orange peel

antes del cepillado. Rub your teeth with the before brushing.

  • Orange peel is an extreme source of vitamin C which helps eliminate and prevent dental plaque naturally .
  • blanqueador natural de dientes. It also serves as a natural teeth whitener.

8. Hydrogen peroxide

Oxygenated water is an oral antiseptic par excellence but you must use it under the supervision of a dentist.

  • The daily mouth rinses prevent the dental plaque or manage to loosen it and eliminate it.

9. Coconut oil and bicarbonate toothpaste 10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally

Create your own toothpaste to eliminate dental plaque naturally.

  • mezclar en partes iguales bicarbonato y . Just mix bicarbonate and in equal parts .
  • Then, take a little of this mixture with the toothbrush and clean your mouth as always.
  • You can make enough for several days and store it in a tightly closed glass jar.

10. Sesame seeds

You can use them during your daily oral cleaning.

  • Rub them on your teeth and then remove the excesses with dental floss.
  • To finish, brush in a customary way with your favorite toothpaste.

Steps to remove dental plaque naturally

There are two steps that are fundamental, both for effective cleaning and to eliminate dental plaque:

1. Correct brushing

The time your brushing lasts is decisive. Dedicate yourself calmly to the cleaning of your teeth.

  • Choose a brush with soft, round bristles that will not hurt your gums.
  • The toothpaste should contain fluoride, include dental floss and finish with a good quality mouthwash.
  • You must do it, at least, twice a day.

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2. Constant rinsing

Try to rinse your mouth after each . You do not necessarily have to brush with dedication, but it is important that the waste does not remain in the middle of your teeth for a long time.

You can only rinse with water, with antiplaque rinses or those that we have recommended.

As you have seen, removing dental plaque naturally is possible.

However, remember that success also depends on prevention, which includes a regular visit to your dentist .

The space between these visits should not be longer than 6 months.

10 ways to remove dental plaque naturally