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11 reasons to eat purple cabbage

Purple cabbage, also known as red cabbage or purple cabbage, very common in the market in winter, is native to the Mediterranean area and was cultivated by the Egyptians from the year 2500 BC. C.

y tienen mucha vitamina C y E. The difference between purple and white cabbages is anthocyanin, a pigment of the flavonoid family, which are potent and are high in vitamin C and E.

Below we will tell you some of the reasons why to eat purple cabbage:

1. You will have healthy eyes

11 reasons to eat purple cabbage

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favorece la salud de tus ojos debido a su gran cantidad de zeaxantina y luteína . Eating purple cabbage favors the health of your eyes due to its large amount of zeaxanthin and lutein . These two elements are natural sunscreens that prevent the passage of UV rays towards the retina.

2. Improve your digestion

It is known that purple cabbage has excellent effects on digestion, since it helps the body to produce bile. ayuda a prevenir problemas como o el estreñimiento . This means that it helps prevent problems such as or constipation .

Purple cabbage juice is also very suitable for treating ulcers, especially peptic ulcer.

3. It improves the health of the heart
11 reasons to eat purple cabbage

Another reason to eat purple cabbage is that its juice helps in the formation of red blood cells and eliminates harmful toxins from the body . This results in a better functioning of the circulatory system.

You only need to consume a cup of purple cabbage and you will be consuming 216 milligrams of potassium. This represents 6% of the recommended daily consumption.

Thus, it will help you to prevent the muscular stress of the heart and will favor the contraction that feeds your heartbeat.

4. Reduce cholesterol levels

gracias a su gran cantidad de azufre. Another benefit of eating purple cabbage is that it reduces cholesterol and thanks to its large amount of sulfur. This is also what gives it its characteristic aroma.

The levels of cholesterol and uric acid are reduced due to several factors:

  • The fiber it contains prevents the body from absorbing the cholesterol that other foods have.
  • The LDL apolipoprotein found in the liver is reduced, since there is less cholesterol to transport.
  • The purple cabbage antioxidants degrade adipose tissue obtaining more energy.

5. Ally against cancer

ayuda a tu cuerpo a combatir los radicales libres, que son uno delos desencadenantes del . The amount of powerful antioxidants that you get when eating purple cabbages helps your body fight free radicals, which are one of the triggers of .

In addition, it is effective to prevent cancer cells from growing.

6. Promotes immunity

11 reasons to eat purple cabbage

Thanks to the large amount of vitamin C it contains, eating purple cabbage will help your system increase its defenses.

sus antioxidantes favorecerán la desintoxicación del cuerpo y la cicatricación de las heridas. On the other hand, its antioxidants will promote the detoxification of the body and the healing of wounds.

7. Diminish the signs of age

ayudan a mantener tu piel hidratada, suave y flexible y con su brillo natural. Purple cabbage juice contains high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as vitamins C, E and A, which help keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple and with its natural shine.

sanos. Another advantage of eating purple cabbage is that it favors the production of collagen, creating blocks that connect to the tissues of the body, so it keeps your skin and healthy.

8. Analgesic properties

The purple cabbage is extremely useful to heal the pains of kidneys, arthrosis and rheumatism. It is also used to relieve the pain and inflammation that appear during breastfeeding.

sedantes y analgésicas que promueve la purificación de la sangre, al tiempo que cura el insomnio . The purple cabbage also has sedative and analgesic properties that promotes the purification of the blood, while curing the insomnia .

This is due to the presence of a substance known as lactupicrin, an active agent associated with sedatives and antitussives used against common cough and whooping cough.

To benefit from these benefits, heat a purple cabbage leaf under your plate and apply it to the area where you feel pain and swelling.

9. Antimalarial properties

ausada por la picadura de mosquito, de manera congénita o por transfusiones. Malaria or malaria is a parasitic tropical disease caused by mosquito bites, congenitally or by transfusions.

It infects red blood cells and causes:

To treat malaria it is essential to see a doctor. comer col morada ayudará a combatir los efectos de esta enfermedad gracias a su contenido de lactucopicrina. However, eating purple cabbage will help combat the effects of this disease thanks to its lactucopicrin content.

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10. Control diabetes

11 reasons to eat purple cabbage

Eating purple cabbage will help you control the levels of sugar in the body because it contains natural insulin .

son bajas en calorías y carbohidratos que te ayudarán a saciar el hambre sin hacerte aumentar de peso. In addition they are low in calories and carbohydrates that will help you to satisfy the hunger without making you gain weight.

  • It is a good idea to include purple cabbage as part of your salads or green juices to avoid hunger at odd times.

11. Healthy and strong bones

aliado para mantener fuertes . Thanks to the high content of vitamin K, purple cabbages are known to be an ally to maintain strong .

This is because they contain osteocalcin, a specific protein of the bone matrix that requires vitamin K for its maturation.

Now you know, whether you add it to your food as a garnish, consume it in the form of tea or use it as a compress to relieve external pain, purple cabbage is a great alidade in the care of your health .

11 reasons to eat purple cabbage