Surely, you will imagine that female orgasms are produced only by the stimulation of the

The nipples are a highly sensitive part of a woman’s body thanks to the nerve endings located in the area. Therefore, if they are incited in the right way, they will be able to produce intense and unforgettable orgasms.

The breasts are connected, by reflex, with the uterus. Proof of this is that the movement of suction stimulates this organ after pregnancy so that it returns to its regular size.

Nipples the breasts, but with care, they are a very sensitive area and prone to pain

11 steps to achieve an orgasm through breast stimulation

Breast stimulation? Follow the step by step

It is not enough that the man physically attracts the woman. A good advice is to investigate a little to know about the female figure. Also the sexual functioning of your body and how to achieve a triumphant encounter. To reach this goal through contact with the nipples, you can follow these steps:

  1. With the tips of your fingers, gently caress the edges of the aureoles until you see that the nipple is erect and stimulates the rest of the breast gently.
  2. Walk with your tongue your clavicle until the union of the breasts. Then surround the edge of them to each of the armpits. Round trip to finish again in the clavicle.
  3. Use the fingers for one breast and the mouth for the other. Make slight touches, as if you barely touched the skin.
  4. Then place both thumbs in the center of the breasts, as if forming a bra. And with all four fingers, make movements as if you were playing a piano.
  5. Gently press the breast always from bottom to top and from the sides towards the center. It tries to cover most of the breast. Tighten it as if you were going to massage it.
  6. Nipple the nipples, but be careful to sink the teeth. It is a very sensitive area prone to pain.
  7. Place the nipple between your palettes (central incisors). It exerts a slight push while you rotate your teeth around it, gently and as if you were licking candy.
  8. Suction, but slightly so that the nipple slowly enters the mouth to introduce much of the breast. Sip the nipples as if you were savoring an ice cream. Help with the tongue to relax the tip of the nipple in quick movements.
  9. Withdraw after the sucking so she asks for more. Now, with your hands, make a series of radial movements. Inside out. Especially, with your fingers.
  10. Aspire a few more times. Remember that you should use enough saliva to not irritate the skin of the breasts. Do it subtly, again and again. Until getting the final result.
  11. When you have detected which movement is the most exciting, intensifies the technique without changing until reaching the climax.
11 steps to achieve an orgasm through breast stimulation

Other tips

Now that you have learned the instructions to create sensations to a woman through the bust , we recommend other tips. They will help you to consummate an intimate moment in a passionate and rewarding way for both:

  • Just relax. Forget the worries of the day and enjoy the moment.
  • Use your lips or tongue, but be careful not to bite. If this happens, the opposite effect can be caused.
  • Be alert with the postures! The most effective are those in which the woman is sitting on the man. Another recommended position is that of the puppy.
  • The lubricant is always a great helper. Use the one you prefer. There is a great variety in the market in terms of odors, flavors, among other characteristics.
  • Allow yourself to be guided by your requests and observe how you tremble with pleasure when you make one or the other movement to make sure that you are on the right track.

We have to learn

Giving an orgasmic sensation is one of the purposes of sexual intercourse. Doing it well implies experience and, above all, knowledge about the tastes of your partner. It is an apprenticeship that will deepen as you discover the most successful technique that arouses the fire of passion . It includes exploring the breasts from now on.

11 steps to achieve an orgasm through breast stimulation


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