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11 tips to take care of your liver

The liver is that great ally responsible for detoxifying our body , a refined and brilliant laboratory that gives us vitality and health in this context in which we wrap ourselves, where our lifestyle is almost always characterized by a food intake where There are chemicals and toxins, medicines and contaminants in an atmosphere that affects us without realizing it.

The metabolizes proteins and fat, stores vitamins and minerals, creates bile and breaks down fats, stores blood, maintains blood pressure, builds an infinity of basic enzymes for the metabolization of our body … the liver is an essential organ that we must know how to take care of so that it continues fulfilling its multiple functions with normality, hence we want to offer you a simple guidelines for you to take into account.

Tips to take care of your liver

1. Drink two to three liters of water per day

11 tips to take care of your liver

This will help you cleanse the liver and kidneys. It is always advisable to drink them throughout the day and in small sips, that way we will always be hydrated , like our cells and membransa, ready to function normally as well as our liver and our kidneys. So, it is not too bad that you include a small bottle of water in your purse when you leave the house.

2. Avoid consuming a lot of sugar

Under habit – or addiction at times – a great danger to our liver hides, especially if we consume refined sugar, since this causes us to convert sugar into fat and cholesterol, increasing the level of triglycerides in the blood and leading to the inevitable problems cardiovascular

It’s not worth it, no doubt, that’s why we recommend you avoid all those industrial boller√≠as, and overeating too many sweets or sugary foods. Point out also that artificial sweeteners are also very toxic to the liver, cause fatigue and hypoglycemia. If you need to eat something sweet you can perfectly use honey, a piece of fresh fruit and even a natural yogurt.

3. Keep a schedule in your meals

Try to keep control but always listening to your body , it is not absolutely mandatory to always eat at 8pm, because there will always be days when we will not be hungry … it is about being regular in your eating habits, knowing that you can not leave House without breakfast, or skip lunch because you’re on a diet and prefer to get home and dine abundantly.

Listen to your body but take control, never skip meals, it will cause hypoglycemia, if you go hungry at noon or between meals do not consume duces, resort to fruit, and be careful also with diets, always consult your doctor or nutritionist when you have to radically change your eating habits.

4. Take care of your intestines

They are essential organs, if they are full of toxins or bacteria the liver will have to work harder, suffer more and be damaged in the long term, since he is in charge of filtering and destroying any negative element that we eat. Try to eat fresh foods, and do not overheat meals too much as this increases the appearance of bacteria, remember to wash your hands and clean all the food you are going to consume.

5. Regulates the consumption of processed or packaged foods

These foods have plenty of preservatives that in the long term will be very harmful to the liver; Remember also that canned meats are not very beneficial for the liver.

11 tips to take care of your liver

6. Eat correctly

Do not hurry, take your time, it will make the food mix with saliva and reach the stomach better. As the years go by, the hydrochloric acid production in the stomach decreases , which makes the digestion heavier and more difficult. We can avoid all this by eating more slowly and, above all, drinking water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar at meals, it will be very beneficial for the liver.

7. Always look for biological products free of pesticides

We know that today is a bit complex, our food is often accompanied by artificial ingredients such as dyes, preservatives, flavoring, artificial sweeteners … to the extent that we can we should avoid them, use in the supermarkets those foods free of pesticides and the most natural , something essential for the health of our liver.

11 tips to take care of your liver

8. Look for the most natural proteins

Here we emphasize again this indispensable factor, it is always preferable to obtain proteins from legumes than from red meats, for example, cereals, peas, lentils, fiber, nuts …

9. Avoid constipation

Essential not to accumulate toxins and damage your liver. To do this, try to drink plenty of water, consume fresh fruits, soy yogurts, pear, mango or pineapple juices.

10. Avoid saturated fats

They are very harmful to the liver, as they make it fatty or in the so-called “fatty liver”. Avoid consuming alcohol, and maintain a balanced diet to prevent excess fat from altering your metabolic functions.

11. Eat the most suitable vegetables for your liver

Carrots and beets (beets) are ideal thanks to their cleansing and healing effects thanks to their flavonoids and carotenoids, as well as radishes, strawberries, grapes and Brussels sprouts. Alfalfa and barley leaves offer the liver an ideal chlorophyll injection that acts as a perfect tonic.

11 tips to take care of your liver