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There are a number of myths around the view that it is convenient that we stop believing.

Then we explain them all so that, if you thought that one was true, take reality into account.

1. Do not open your eyes under water

12 myths about sight that we should stop believing

One of the most widespread myths is related to opening your eyes under water. In this sense we find different myths.

  • For example the one that ensures that inside the bathtub it is better not to dive with your eyes open.

This is so, because the chlorine with which the tap water is disinfected and the pipes worn makes the water can have harmful microorganisms. All this could cause irritation or conjunctivitis .

  • On the other hand it is believed that inside the pool it is better to wear diving goggles. In public pools, the water contains even more chlorine than tap water and this would be the main reason.
  • In the case of freshwater ponds, beliefs are more ambiguous.

On the one hand, it is believed that you can open your eyes in natural and clean areas, but that in the rivers and lakes of the city it is better not to do so.

In such cases, the water found in these places usually has a higher concentration of harmful bacteria that can cause an infection.

On the contrary, in the sea water you can open your eyes . A possible negative effect of this water would depend on the concentration of salt that this water has.

2. Watching someone welding can cause blindness

Another of the most widespread myths considers that looking at someone welding can cause blindness . This obviously is not the case.

However, the truth is that it can cause a burn in the eyes . For this reason welders cover their faces, as well as to protect themselves from sparks.

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3. Computer and TV are very harmful

12 myths about sight that we should stop believing

When we are facing a screen, generally, we blink less, so the tear film is refreshed less frequently.

All this causes the cornea to dry and causes eyestrain, as well as headaches and blurred vision.

These are the problems that, for the moment, have been proven to cause the screens, but nothing more. In case you are worried about this aspect it will be as simple as solving it with moisturizing drops.

It would also be advisable to do exercises for the eyes and rest your eyes periodically.

4. Poor vision is a hereditary problem

Another of the most widespread myths is that bad vision is inherited. The truth is that if there is a disease, a predisposition to suffer is inherited, but it does not mean that it ends up appearing in the lives of their descendants.

There are more factors involved, such as the lifestyle that the person follows, the profession and habits you have, as well as the visual efforts you make.

5. Glasses worsen the quality of your vision

12 myths about sight that we should stop believing

Many believe that glasses make the eye even vaguer. The reality is that the lenses what they do is help the eye to adjust the desired sharpness.

They serve to make you look good and deal with a problem you already have, but they do not make it go any further.

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6. Cranberries are good for vision

There is a belief that blueberries are good for vision.

Many people believe that eating blueberries and carrots will make them have an ideal vision. However, although its vitamins are good, it is not the only factor that depends on having a good view.

7. Do not approach towards the nose

12 myths about sight that we should stop believing

One of the great myths is that the eyes should not focus on the nose or you will be cross-eyed if someone scares you at that moment. The truth is that this is not true and has no scientific basis.

If you focus on your nose with your eyes, you will only provoke unpleasant sensations, such as dizziness or eye fatigue, but nothing more. You will not always stay like this.

8. You can not watch television without light

Watching TV with light is more advisable in order to avoid excessive tensions in the eyes, but the truth is that if you see it in the dark you will not be blind.

12 myths about sight that we should stop believing

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