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14 tips to make the diet more effective

When we are in the midst of a diet to lose weight, we have many factors to consider. Mainly we think about reducing the amount of food we eat and we think that that is enough to lose the kilos we want.

However, many times we finished the meal plan with dissatisfaction or because we did not lower the amount of kilos we wanted and it seemed a very slow process.

In this article we bring you 14 practical recommendations for you to apply when you are dieting.

Improve your diet with these tips

1. Eat slow

When you eat quickly you consume many more

14 tips to make the diet more effective

Therefore, if you eat fast you will not send the signal to be full until 20 minutes , which means that you will have eaten a lot.

2. Eat with your less skillful hand

If you are right-handed, try to eat using your left hand. On the other hand, if you are left handed eat with the right. What is the usefulness of this? Achieve what we suggest in the previous point: eat more slowly .

3. Drink water a few minutes before eating

When the hours of food are approaching, drink at least one glass of water. With this you will be able to feel satiated and thus you will not eat so much. In addition, water will allow you to have a better digestion.

4. Drink black coffee

Good quality coffee has innumerable antioxidants , in addition to helping to accelerate the metabolism by up to 11%. It also has the ability to burn fat by up to 10%.

However, keep in mind that you do not gain anything if you add large amounts of sugar . Try to take it bitter or with very little sugar, preferably sweeteners .

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5. Drink green tea

Green tea has an antioxidant known as catechin, as well as caffeine. The combination of both components has the effect of burning fat in a healthy way.

6. Prefers whole fruit instead of juices

Fruits have vitamins, minerals, water, are very beneficial during the diet . However, when you mix them with water to make juice, what you get is that their properties are diluted.

In addition to this, most people usually add refined sugar to the juices, which is not favorable for the diet. For all that, the best thing is that you eat the whole fruits and not in juice.

7. Have healthy snacks on hand

Try to always have on hand a variety of products that are healthy and easy to swallow. That is, you can eat them anywhere you are, for when they give you anxiety attacks.

14 tips to make the diet more effective

In this way you can reduce the chances of eating some granola, a cup with chopped fruits, cereal bars, yogurt , among others.

8. Brush your teeth after dinner

Brushing your teeth after having dinner reduces the possibility of falling into the temptation of eating a snack in the evening hours.

9. Eat away from the kitchen

Many times we serve the right amount of food on our plate, but then we are tempted to repeat it.

If you are very close to the kitchen, you are more likely to get up and serve yourself again. On the other hand, if you are far away , you may not feel like getting up .

10. Eat fiber-rich products

One of the best allies of the diet is fiber . It has many healthy properties and has the ability to make you feel full.

11. Completely eliminates sweetened beverages

The worst enemies of your diet and your health are sweetened drinks. That is, the sodas and pasteurized juices, because these products have high amounts of sugar .

12. Increase the amount of proteins

During the diet, try increasing the consumption of high quality proteins, such as fish and white meats. Some studies show that the consumption of proteins helps increase the speed of metabolism , which will help you lose weight.

13. Eat as little saturated fat as possible

It is important that you consume fats because these help to improve the digestive process, to avoid constipation, among many other things.

14 tips to make the diet more effective

However, eat only the unsaturated fats that are known as “good”. Instead of animal oil, use olive oil ; Instead of butter, better make a piece of avocado, for example.

14. Sleep well

Normally we do not take into account the importance of good sleep when it comes to dieting. At first glance, there seems to be no relationship between sleep and weight loss.

However, sleep is closely linked with weight gain . The lack of sleep prevents the proper functioning of the body, and also increases the appetite to try to compensate the energy that the body lacks.

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With these recommendations, your diet will be much more effective. Remember that you need discipline, your body will thank you .

14 tips to make the diet more effective