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3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

We make many mistakes that need to be learned , but there are some very negative ones that we are not aware of at the end of a relationship.

Some of them are inevitable. Emotions play tricks on us and, also, we depend a lot on the circumstances in which we have been involved to put an end to the relationship.

Because it is not the same to end a relationship because love is over or passion has definitely extinguished its flame that if this decision has taken the fruit of an infidelity or a very painful deception.

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Today we will discover 3 mistakes we make at the end of a relationship. Familiarizing ourselves and reflecting on them will allow us not to commit them again and see the situation from new perspectives.

1. You are not able to turn the page

3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

One of the big mistakes you can make at the end of a relationship is to consider your partner someone still important and present in your life.

It is difficult to get rid of someone with whom you have shared experiences and even years of your life. You have become accustomed to their presence and both adopted certain routines. Now that it is not there, you feel like you’re on a tightrope.

However, the sooner you pass the page the better. You have to accept that the relationship is over , that there is no going back and that your life goes on, you have a lot to experience!

Staying anchored in the past will cause you to suffer in vain and not be able to continue enjoying life. So, knowing this, how can you act to change this situation?

  • You have time for yourself, so take advantage of it . Do everything that you did not do with your partner, look for new hobbies, stay more with your friends and see more of the family.
  • Adopt new routines such as taking a walk or running very early in the morning, having a coffee alone in that cafe that you like so much while reading the newspaper … Whatever!
  • Think of yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself. One mistake is to believe that your ex-partner will keep an eye on you. Why do not you start to be aware of yourself? Surely you have forgotten a bit about yourself when you were in a couple.

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2. You expect something from your ex-partner

3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

At the end of a relationship you may not be aware of it, but you expect something to be returned to you by your ex-partner.

A small proof that your ex-partner had really loved you when he was with you, that he intends to continue maintaining contact or that he cares about you.

This is just the great fear you have of letting go of that relationship that has ended . The big mistake of expecting something from the other person is that you do not give him the time he needs to go through his own grief.

You keep talking to her, you share her feelings and, without realizing it, you overwhelm her.

It is clear that you need to express yourself with someone who understands you, who understands you. However, both of you need to be alone, let go in order to move forward.

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Imagine that your ex-partner has no interest in listening to you. Think if he did the same, would you be bored by what he wanted to tell you?

Keep all this in mind, because perhaps your intention to wait for something is the result of your sadness because that relationship has come to an end.

3. Your ex is the protagonist of your conversations

3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship

Another of the big mistakes at the end of a relationship is to keep your ex in all your conversations as the main character.

It is clear that you have to vent and talk about the subject . But repeat a thousand times what others already know? To complain again and again about what can no longer be solved?

Doing this will prevent you from overcoming the break, while keeping someone present who is no longer part of your life well. Not in a relationship.

Other ways to keep your ex-partner present is to cling to everything that reminds you of him. A serious mistake that will make your pain last.

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Have you committed any of these mistakes at the end of a relationship? Trying not to fall into them will reduce the time to overcome the break.

Let’s stop clinging to something that is already finished. This only harms us.

3 fatal errors at the end of a relationship