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3 recommended activities when we have back pain

Dolores exist in many areas of the body. They may appear for one reason or another and some are stronger than others.

We could say that the back, on the other hand, is one of the most common , even, annoying and uncomfortable.

In general terms, the origin of the pain is due to several factors such as:

However, with respect to the back, the appearance of this problem also occurs due to other types of things that differ slightly from those already mentioned.

A clear example of this is the current era in which we humans are. The is the order of the day and greatly influences the position.

Current and back pain

3 recommended activities when we have back pain

Back pain is very common nowadays, and usually depends on work or daily routine.

The sedentary life rhythm is due to the time sitting in front of a .

In general, the people most affected by this illness are those who spend hours in class (such as young people in high schools) and those who have office jobs.

You did not know?

A repetitive error

By common sense, once a back pain appears, you enter a period of inactivity. This may seem like a good idea, since the ideal is not to hurt the area and no friction is tolerated.

However, this is a repeated error regularly. By wanting to do something good, it ends up making things worse.

Based on the above, the first thing to do is visit a trusted

Are there good physical activities to avoid or fight back pain?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Although it may seem a contradiction, certain physical activities can bring great benefits when it comes to combating a problem such as back pain.

Then we expose the most appropriate for when we suffer from this condition.

1. Yoga

3 recommended activities when we have back pain

This activity stands as a fairly complete discipline. Apart from that, it also turns out to be one of the most complex, taking into account their movements and the effort required to carry them out.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most practiced sports disciplines and one of the most beneficial for our health.

Whether recreationally or at a competitive level, its effects can be felt both psychologically and physically.

Among the positive things that swimming brings us, the treatment of pain in the back should be highlighted, as it helps us strengthen the area. Thus, it is also very effective in preventing it.

This discipline, worked in a common way with its 4 styles, is in charge of strengthening the muscles of the as well as those belonging to the arms and hips.

The water is responsible for adding resistance to the body while it is moving, so the muscular system is strengthened.

However, the pool also contributes to the recovery work . By relieving the weight of the body, the shock between the joints and the spine decreases, which positively affects the back.


3. Pilates

3 recommended activities when we have back pain

This is perhaps one of the most useful activities for day to day. We owe everything to his way of execution, which is responsible for strengthening the area corea (lumbar, abdomen and

By exercising this place by means of Pilates, the position of the organism is greatly benefited. With this, the back pains are mitigated, even prevented to a large extent.

Said discipline is one of the safest and is considered as the mother of the intelligent movement.

3 recommended activities when we have back pain