There are people who at some point in their lives have suffered from obesity and have undergone treatments, diets or

The problem is that they tend to present

It is this last area that can most torment any person.

The fat that is flaccid, especially in the area of ​​the triceps, can become a great complication, rather than health, aesthetics.

Many people, especially women, try to combat this odious problem. What happens is that it is a very difficult area to train to obtain results .

If what you want is to eliminate that flaccidity of the arms and tone them, in our article we tell you 4 routines so that you train daily and obtain that figure that you so desire.

What should I do?

Before beginning to work the area of ​​the triceps and biceps, it is extremely important that you work the body in general.

You need a good diet that allows you to , and not just from common areas such as the abdomen or legs, but the body in general to focus on certain parts.

3 routines to lose weight in your arms. You will love it!

Burns fat

Eliminating fat from a specific area is impossible, you should lose weight in general.

So it is advisable to start a or following a strict regime.

It is extremely important that you do not do quick or miraculous diets , because those are only responsible for making you lose fluid and muscle mass, but not fat.

Thus, they are not effective when toning and thinning the arms.

Start by reducing your portions of food and eating a balanced diet that allows you to eat 5 times a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks).

Try to change some

3 routines to lose weight in your arms. You will love it!

Spend more energy

Spending more energy allows your body to burn more calories and, therefore, get rid of fat faster and more efficiently.

Before submitting your body to any training, perform a medical checkup to ensure that your health is in perfect condition.

In this way you can carry out your exercise routine safely.

Thin your arms

The best option when weight loss arms is the use of weight , either , which allow exercise the muscle.

With these we will manage to contract and, therefore, tone up. However, weight is not necessary for all types of exercise. There are many options to exercise your arms without much effort.

You can combine these 4 exercises to lose weight with your daily training routine or you can do it independently with a balanced diet.

1. Biceps

Strengthening the biceps is the most important and also one of the simplest exercises.

3 routines to lose weight in your arms. You will love it!

2. Triceps

It is very similar to the exercise of the biceps, with the difference that the lifting, in this case, will be up.

  • Grab two ½ liter or 1 liter bottles in each hand and raise your arms above your head.
  • Turn them backwards bend the elbow.

Extend the arm again and repeat the movement about 15 times.

3 Combination abdomen-arm

This exercise will allow you to exercise your shoulders and in conjunction with your back and abdomen.

You already have the tricks to start losing weight in those areas that worry you so much. Now apply them and wear a slender and toned figure.

3 routines to lose weight in your arms. You will love it!


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