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3 ways in which we deceive ourselves

Lying is a pretty negative thing, but doing it with ourselves is even worse . We put a bandage over our eyes motu proprio, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Today we will discover 3 ways in which we deceive ourselves in order to put an end to them.

1. Believe that we can solve our problems alone

3 ways in which we deceive ourselves

Sure some of the following phrases sound: I can with this alone”, “I’ve been through worse things”, “I do not want to bother anyone”, “it’s not really that bad”.

We all have bad times. However, believing that we can solve any problem that we have to face alone is one of the ways in which we deceive ourselves.

Let’s take some examples as someone who has problems in their relationship or who is always sad or who has stopped doing many things that he liked and feels a great lack of motivation.

Maybe, without knowing it, we are facing a case of toxic relationship or depression. However, instead of asking for help, we hope to solve this ourselves.

The psychologists’ consultations are filled every day by people who have been suffering for months . Maybe it’s pride, maybe embarrassment or maybe this terrible belief.

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It is not necessary to be sunk, broken and broken to ask for help . Needing others to solve our problems is not something that should embarrass us. Everyone, at some point, requires a hand to lift us from the ground in which we find ourselves broken.

2. Confusing need with desire

3 ways in which we deceive ourselves

This is a serious problem and another of the ways in which we deceive ourselves. Because in many areas of our lives we can not discern between what is need and what is desire.

We deceived ourselves thinking that we need that coat we see in a store . Actually, we do not need it: we want it. However, confusion causes us to invest our money badly.

The same happens in relationships. Sometimes, we do not need to continue with that relationship that hurts us, that does not satisfy us or that we are with someone that we do not really like.

However, our desire not to look bad in front of others, so they do not tell us that we have not given everything for the relationship or, simply, for the desire not to be alone, we remain there, in that relationship, harmful and destructive .

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To eliminate this second of the ways in which we deceive ourselves it is important to know how to connect with our interior and discern between what we need or want .

The need, as we are dealing with in this case, can be seen as that intuition that guides us to know if we need to leave a place, change jobs or leave a relationship (be careful not to enter it).

3. Thinking that we can not

3 ways in which we deceive ourselves

The third and last of the ways in which we deceive ourselves is to believe in the possibility that we can not achieve something. Whether it’s a job, leaving a toxic relationship or changing jobs.

To think that we can not do something is to limit ourselves and, in most cases, this is the result of insecurities and low self-esteem.

If our parents have given us a negative reinforcement during childhood, if we have lived experiences in which we have not felt approved, it is possible that now this is manifested in this way of self-deception.

Actually, it’s not that we can not, it’s that we believe we can not . Maybe because we compare ourselves with others or because we do not feel worthy of what we could get.

However, the great truth is that we have no limits. These are only imposed by us.

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Do you know another way in which we deceive ourselves? If you have detected that you deceive yourself but in another way, encourage us to share it with us.

These are only 3 ways in which we deceive ourselves, which we consider more frequent and more limiting. Starting a process to increase self-esteem will be very important to prevent them from continuing to control our lives.

3 ways in which we deceive ourselves