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4 alternatives to relax in difficult times

No one is exempt from going through difficult times or unpleasant circumstances. However, we must remember that we can always overcome them . Although it is difficult for us to visualize the solution, it exists and it is possible to reach it.

Life is characterized by its ups and downs. If the land did not have variants, everything would be extremely monotonous. This does not mean that we should celebrate the difficulties, but observe them as an opportunity for growth or improvement.

All change brings with it multiple benefits. In us is the ability to know how to appreciate them. In such a way that, we can visualize the difficult moments as the prelude to a new form of tranquility. After all, calm always comes after the storm.

Negative thoughts and pessimism are our main enemies when facing difficult moments.

The difficult moments and the somatization

Hard times can not always be predicted or avoided. Despite this, we can modify our attitude to reduce its impact. In other words, we can not always change the circumstances but we can take the reins of our own well-being.

It is necessary to take responsibility and take care of ourselves . Otherwise, we can somatize the problems and, therefore, experiment:

  • Muscle contractions
  • Alterations of the skin.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.

Taking responsibility for our own well-being involves avoiding harmful internal

Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of difficult moments it is necessary to stop for a moment and think: What is the use of turning the problem over and over again? How does it benefit me to drown? Do I really want to get ahead?

To avoid engorgement the most advisable thing is to focus the thought towards the solution of the problem. We may not find the solution at the first opportunity; However, we must not give up.

For difficult moments:

4 alternatives to overcome difficult moments

4 alternatives to relax in difficult times

The main objective of these alternatives is to achieve relaxation. A clear and calm mind can find solutions more easily. In addition, these alternatives also help to have moments of

1. Breathe deeply

Breathing is one of the most important tasks in the body. By means of this the gaseous exchange is obtained, through which the oxygen enters the organism and carbon dioxide is expelled.

Breathing can be regulated to obtain greater benefits both biologically and emotionally. To achieve this it is necessary to adopt a comfortable position , have a few minutes and breathe deeply; that is, from the abdomen.

We inhale slowly a large amount of air, hold a few seconds and exhale little by little. We will notice how our heart rate will be regulated and we will obtain a sensation of calmness.

Deep breathing helps lower blood pressure, improves oxygenation of the body and, of course, relaxes the body.

2. Listen to music

4 alternatives to relax in difficult times

In difficult times, music can be a great help. Depending on our tastes and personality we can choose a certain musical style that helps us to make catharsis.

Previously, there was a belief that it was best to opt for classical music or relaxing music, however, everyone can choose what works best for them.

On the other hand, it is also a good option to be surprised by random pieces in difficult moments. The novelty can help us to distract ourselves and break the accumulated tension.

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3. Meditate

In difficult moments, the most difficult thing is to control the flow of thoughts. A very recommended resource, and very effective, is to meditate.

Through meditation we can disconnect from the environment and replenish our energies. In this way, we put aside everything that is harmful to us and we detract from it. It’s about getting away enough to get a clearer perspective.

To meditate, you do not need to take classes. It’s all about suspending the mind for a few moments, breathing deeply and keeping quiet while concentrating on our own breathing.

4. Color or paint mandalas

4 alternatives to relax in difficult times

Coloring, painting or drawing is also an alternative to find calm in difficult moments. By focusing attention on not leaving the lines, combining the colors and achieving a beautiful stroke, anxiety levels are reduced.

The brain works fine motor skills during coloring.

A mandala consists of a combination of various superimposed figures, some abstract and others natural (of animals or flowers), arranged in a circle. There is a great variety of mandalas to choose from.

The goal of free the mind and enjoy the task.

The best thing is that this activity can be enjoyed in difficult times as well as at any other time. In fact, many people come to include it among their hobbies.

4 alternatives to relax in difficult times