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4 best tips for not getting fat in summer

At last the season of the year arrived that you expected so much, your deserved holidays are at the door of your house. However, you feel afraid to enjoy your free time, trips, outings, meals, parties and hours of continuous rest, because maybe they will increase you a few kilos. Therefore, we invite you to take note of the four best tips for not getting fat in summer .

It is not unreasonable to say that, perhaps, some people gain a few kilos more in the summer because they misinterpret the meaning of rest, that is, they turn it into an extreme sedentary lifestyle.

As mentioned above, gaining weight in summer is due to the change in routine. It tends to stop consuming healthy foods and opt for more caloric ones; besides the lack of exercise for preferring constant rest.

The kilos acquired will depend on each person and not all increase the same. This is explained by Paula Rodríguez Alonso , representative of the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition (FEN) in a note published in 20 minutes.

Surely you do not want that in a few weeks of the summer all the effort that you have made during the year to stay in shape disappears, much less if you invested a great amount of time in carrying both a routine of healthy eating and exercise.

In this article we will present you the best tricks so that when the summer ends you have not gained a few kilograms. Pay close attention to what you will read below.

4 keys to not get fat in summer

1. Moderate, first of all

Summer is one of the most difficult seasons of the year to maintain the healthy habits we acquired during the other months.

This is because the heat causes us to increase our fluid intake . Likewise, the outings and parties with our friends or relatives become habitual in our routines and our eating habits change completely.

For this reason, you should enjoy your summery dates, but with moderation and without excesses. You can eat everything you want, but do it in small portions and if you ever overreach, do not torment yourself, just try not to make it a habit.

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2. Balanced diet so as not to get fat in summer

4 best tips for not getting fat in summer

Not getting fat in summer means resisting the temptation to break our diet. Therefore, we should eat every three or four hours and in adequate quantities.

Similarly, remember the importance of keeping vegetables and fruits between your respective meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Keep in mind that a varied diet, balanced and without excess, guarantees the source of nutrients that your body needs to stay in line and, above all, healthy.

Similarly, you must avoid the uncontrolled consumption of junk food, which we usually eat when we travel to the beach or to other places on the road.

In addition we must avoid the refined sugars and saturated fats that are usually present in ice cream, sauces and precooked foods. You can also apply the following tips:

  • Do not skip meals.
  • Respect the schedules of each food.
  • Do not eat messily between hours.
  • Maximum dinner two hours before going to sleep.
  • Do not eat very heavy meals.
  • Eat fresh fruits

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3. Exercise!

4 best tips for not getting fat in summer

Staying physically active will significantly decrease your chances of gaining weight in the summer.

If you are far from home and can not go to the gym, you can go jogging in the mornings or do a sport that you like and allow you to exercise your body. If you share this activity with your friends or family, it will be much easier and fun to perform.

Now, if you are one of those people who have a hard time maintaining a physical training routine, do not worry, for everything there is a solution, you can resort to activities that do not require a great physical effort, such as: climbing stairs, swim or walk for a few minutes a day.

4. Hydrate yourself!

During the summer it is normal to retain more liquids, mainly due to the heat that characterizes this season.

We tend to be out of our homes for most of the day, which means that we do not hydrate properly. In this sense, we should drink between two and two and a half liters daily.

On the other hand, Rodríguez Alonso advises that, if you want to opt for other types of liquids (apart from water and cold infusions such as refreshing drinks or juices), it is essential that they are free of refined sugars and artificial sweeteners , which are only fixed in our abdomen and harm our health.

It also explains that alcoholic beverages should be avoided; nevertheless, he pointed out that at this time his intake increases; in that sense, he clarifies that they should be taken in a moderate, responsible and always accompanied by some food.

If you follow these practical tips to not get fat in summer, at the end of this season and return to your usual routine, you will only receive compliments and good comments from your work environment, family and close, because you have managed to maintain your figure.

If you have any kind of concern, remember to consult with a specialist, this will take care of guiding you in the best way.

4 best tips for not getting fat in summer