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4 effective ways to relax when you get home

Stress, anxiety, nerves that harden the muscles of our neck and shoulders … our daily obligations usually take their toll, both physically and mentally . Therefore, it is essential that we learn to relax, to “take off weight”. We explain it to you

The need to relax and rest

When you get home you have many other obligations: children, the house, organize work for the next day … It is difficult, no doubt, but we must bear in mind that if we “do not download”, if we do not find even one hour to we ourselves, all this will cause more tensions to accumulate. Tensions that day by day, week by week, will translate into real problems to take into account. Muscle overload, contractures, an excess of cortisol in our body that could very easily translate into hypertension, cardiovascular problems … without counting, of course, in the feeling of not enjoying our time.

Physical and mental overloads are a risk to our health, hence to avoid any possible long-term problem, we should encourage a change. Learning to relax, establishing rest patterns for ourselves. And sometimes, just enough with two hours a day.

5 easy ways to rest when you get home

1. How to improve your circulation and breathing

4 effective ways to relax when you get home

This simple exercise requires only that you have twenty minutes. When you get home, the first thing you should do is take off your shoes, put on comfortable clothes. Also essential that you leave aside your problems and your pressures of the day, establish a clear separation between work and home. Now what we will do is sit on the sofa, if you can lie much better. Next, we have to put our legs up , which are about two palms higher than your body. Put your right hand on your chest and feel your breathing slowly, feel how it swells, then let the air go through your mouth . Too easy. What do we get with this simple exercise? Acompasar our breathing, normalizing the heartbeat, while helping to rest the legs and blood, flow more adequately. Do not forget, it’s a very effective way to relax.

2. Relaxant and anti-inflammatory infusion

4 effective ways to relax when you get home

You feel heavy legs, swollen feet, maybe even your head hurts. How can we alleviate these symptoms? There is an excellent infusion that will allow us to achieve it. You will need five leaves of mint, a spoonful of grated ginger and three sheets of lettuce. These elements will offer us a soothing and relaxing sensation. Moreover, together they act as perfect anti-inflammatories for example to relieve the tension of our cranial nerves, those that favor tension and headache. To prepare it you should put a glass of water to boil, add the lettuce, mint and ginger. Allow it to boil, let it sit for 5 minutes and drink very little by little, enjoying the infusion. Take it when you get home, it’s a great way to relax and find ourselves better.

3. A half-hour walk

4 effective ways to relax when you get home

Only half an hour, you do not need more. Walking at a rapid pace enjoying the outdoors, of yourself and exercising your body through exercise, is a more than perfect way to release tension, and eliminate the harmful stress that is stored in our body. The best time to go out is in the middle of the afternoon or in the early morning, when it is not too hot and the temperature is mild. A way to take us seriously the need to go out, is buying us some shoes with which the foot is well attached, and comfortable clothes that offer us ease of movement. Having a ready equipment makes us oblige. If you go with a friend or even your partner, it will be much better. But remember, go for a half hour, burn tensions, free the mind, take care of our cardiovascular health and rise as a healthy and basic way to relax.

4. How about we end the day with a relaxing bath?

4 effective ways to relax when you get home

You have arrived from work, you have looked after the children, we have finished dinner and we are ready to go to bed. What could be better than a relaxing bath ? It is wonderful. At night a hot bath is very suitable. Remember that it is very appropriate to do a small massage with rosemary essential oil. Rosemary improves our circulation and exerts a sedative effect that will take care and relax your muscles, helping us to rest better. Remember also that the massage should be from the bottom up , for example, exert pressure from your ankles to your knees, from your knees to your muscles. A nice half-hour bath and you will end the day in the best way, do not hesitate.

Relaxing starts from an essential need of our mind and body, listen to yourself and take care of yourself. Worth it.

4 effective ways to relax when you get home