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4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night

Losing weight and defining the muscle mass of our body can be very complicated if we do not take into account the importance of accelerating metabolism. In this process many people only focus on demanding diets and what they achieve are kilos of more.

Putting metabolism to work is achieved by eating many times a day. Of course, the key is knowing how to choose the food and combine it properly . To this you must add physical activity: one hour is enough, you do not need to be in the gym all day.

In this article we will give you 4 keys to accelerate the metabolism to improve your quality of life, with more health and an enviable body.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the transformation of nutrients into energy . It is a physical and chemical process that occurs in the cells of our body. There the nutrients that come from the foods that are consumed become the energy that we as individuals need to perform all the daily activities.

4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night

The process would be the following:

  • You eat a food.
  • Digestive enzymes convert proteins into amino acids, fats into fatty acids and carbohydrates into glucose.
  • These components travel to the cells.
  • Other enzymes process them and, along with other chemical reactions, release or store energy.

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Slow metabolism

The speed of this process depends on many factors. A slow or rapid metabolism can be the result of genetic characteristics or, precisely, of a good or bad diet . Here come into play the calories of the food we consume.

The energy provided by the products we consume is measured in calories. Our body is a machine that needs calories to work. However, when we ingest more than necessary, these are stored in the form of fat and that’s when we gain weight.

When fat accumulates the metabolism begins to work slower and you begin to feel fatigue and fatigue. The strategies to change bad habits are many.

Here we are going to show you how to accelerate the metabolism at night, when you think there is nothing left to do.

4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night

1. You should never skip dinner

Popular myths say that avoiding dinner can help you lose weight . This is a serious mistake that we incur when we are not well informed. Skip this food unbalances your body.

A food plan with healthy products that provide the nutrients you need will help to accelerate the metabolism while you sleep. Follow these recommendations:

  • Dinner two hours before going to bed. This will facilitate digestion and help you sleep better.
  • Do not dine “light”. All food groups must be on the plate. You can have cereals, fruits, etc.
  • The distribution of food at dinner should provide the least amount of calories in the day. The four meals before dinner (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack) should be powerful so that at night you do not feel so hungry.
  • Avoid seasoning the dishes with salt. Use other spices or citrus juices. This way you will not retain liquids.
  • At dinner try to eat raw vegetables , because during cooking they lose their digestive properties.
4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night

2. Chicken, celery and other foods for your dinner

To accelerate the metabolism, during dinner you can add the following foods:

  • Chicken breast : this is an excellent source of protein. In addition, it is low in fat and contains few calories.
  • Red beet: it is a diuretic vegetable and is ideal for burning fat and satisfying the appetite.
  • Celery: contains large amounts of water. It has diuretic properties, so eating it at night facilitates digestion.
  • Hake: it is rich in proteins and contains omega 3, so it will activate the metabolism.
  • Hot peppers: they are antioxidants, eliminate toxins and help burn fat.

3. Exercise at night to prepare your body for rest

During the night the metabolism continues to work . Even if you are sleeping, the body keeps eliminating toxins and in activity, but in slower processes. That is why it is essential that you sleep well and rest. To tire the body, exercise.

  • During the day, and if you can at night, practice a physical activity. It will help to accelerate the metabolism and release stress from your daily routine.
  • A good hot water bath will relax you and prepare you to sleep well.
4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night

4. To get a good night’s sleep take a rose tea

This is a natural remedy that can provide great benefits to accelerate the metabolism at night. It is an antioxidant that helps activate metabolism and burn fat. It also has depurative properties and is a natural laxative .

Drink it after dinner because, also, it is an excellent digestive tonic. It will relax you, you will sleep well and it will help to accelerate the metabolism.

Remember that it is about leading a healthy lifestyle to gain well-being and better physical conditions.

4 keys to accelerate the metabolism at night