Many people tend not to take mental health as something important , without knowing that it has equal or even greater relevance than physical health.

We are very used to conceiving health from the point of view of “feeling good” if your head does not hurt or you do not have intestinal problems, without knowing that this is only 50% of what our health really is.

The physical system is directly linked to the psychological or emotional system , and there is a perfect balance between the two.

If one becomes unbalanced, the other is affected. Malestares and constant pain require immediate medical attention, as these can affect us both psychically and emotionally.

Having unstable emotional health can generate serious health consequences .

The physical part can be seriously affected due to pathologies such as

Factors that influence health

4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health

In 1974, a Canadian lawyer named Marc Lalonde published a the factors that determine the physical and mental health of a citizen.

Years before publishing this report, this illustrious lawyer was Minister of Health and Social Welfare in his country.

This document indicates that the health of citizens is affected by other agents beyond the biological and socio-economic.

He explains that public health and, in general, health care influence these problems to a large extent.

Taking this approach as a starting point, Lalonde gives us four categories in which these factors are divided:

1. Human biology


This factor is one of the most difficult to change, since this is directly related to each individual , therefore it is different in each case.

While it is true that there are factors that predispose you to a disease, influences 20% of the lifestyle you have.

Carrying a and a healthy life can keep genetic predisposition at bay.

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2. Environment

4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health

When we talk about the environment, we can refer to both social and physical factors.


These issues tend to cause depression , the main cause of emotional and physical discomforts.


4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health

In physical factors we include everything that refers to the environment that surrounds us, in areas of pollution, whether water or air.

  • The use of aerosols such as pesticides, deodorants and bacteria present in the air, are the cause of a large number of diseases.
  • Noise is a factor that is not considered, but it influences a lot. The excessive presence of noise, whether at work or at home, can cause stress, anxiety, insomnia and, consequently, hearing problems.
  • Breathing polluted air or drinking contaminated water can bring an endless number of health problems in the

All this is due to the consumption of waste and heavy metals that are present in the environment.

3. Lifestyle

To lead a healthy lifestyle is totally individual and, according to Lalonde, represents approximately 45% of our health.

Lack of exercise

4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health

Although not taken as something so necessary, physical exercise is very important as it helps cardiovascular health and prevent

It is advisable to walk about 30 minutes per day to put the body in motion and thus optimize its functions.

Bad nutrition

Poor nutrition is one of the most deadly factors, due to obesity.

  • Not having a balanced diet increases the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular problems .
  • It is important that you take a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and consume lots of fruit and vegetables.

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4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health


Apart from damaging your physical health, addiction to these harmful substances brings important emotional complications , either due to abstinence or mental disorders caused by their consumption.

4. Medical care

And finally we find medical attention, or as Lalonde calls it, Health Care System.

As he explains, the medical care received by the patient can influence up to 30% in his health , due to several factors.

Accessibility, price and treatment are extremely important for the patient when it comes to

However, the most important part is that you can start by taking care of yourself, so start to lead a better quality of life .

If we eat healthy, exercise and avoid excess, we will maintain our health to the fullest.

4 main factors that influence your physical and mental health


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