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4 modular beds perfect for the small room

It is not a rare image to see the children’s room as a disaster. Clothes on the one hand, school supplies on the other, toys, books, videogames, magazines … It is impossible to find something in the midst of so much chaos! Lean on these modular beds perfect to gain space and order in the rooms.

When looking for solutions to this, especially for rooms of reduced size, many parents are inclined to modular beds. That is, those that have other components attached below, on the sides and above.

If you like the idea and are willing to make the investment or make one, this article is for you. We show you the different options to find the perfect modular beds for your little ones.

There are them for all tastes, both for girls and boys. There are also some for teenagers, so age will not be a limitation in any sense.

Why are modular beds perfect for children?

As we said, the rooms of the infants are usually somewhat messy. So, the more options we have to store objects and give a place to each thing, the better.

4 modular beds perfect for the small room

Like the rest of the modular furniture, these beds are composed of pieces that can be rearranged at any moment. This offers the advantage of customizing spaces as needs change in the home.

Therefore, nothing to keep a huge piece of furniture for which you no longer have space. You can simply disarm it or redesign it and that’s it.

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Modular beds perfect for children and young people

1.- Bunk bed with built-in wardrobe

We started with one of the favorite options in terms of modular beds perfect for the small room. If you have more than one child , you can not ignore this option; You will gain many meters in your room with her.

This bed consists of a bunk bed with unaligned beds. Underneath, the first bed will be one of those that we have already named, drawer at the bottom and approximately 45 – 50 centimeters high. At half of its length, the ladder is placed to go up to the end of the bed above, where the feet of the person occupying it would go.

Then, we will see that until there we have a bed with a luck of form of Z. The particular thing of this design is that it incorporates a closet under the endorsement of the bed.

In addition to serving as support, this will allow you to store the garments like any other common wardrobe. You can give the final touch with the combination of colors. In just a few square meters, you will have two beds, a wardrobe and several drawers to use.

2.- Beds like corners

The detail of this alternative lies more than anything in the distribution of beds. By placing them in a corner, we have several advantages; first, that under each of them we can choose between placing drawers or another mattress for when you have guests. Another option is to place bootleggers for each child’s shoes.

On the other hand, in the union of both backs, you can place a corner table that also works as a bedside table. In addition, when running the beds you can have other drawers to store, for example, blankets and seasonal clothes.

If it comes to saving space, you will hardly find anything more useful than this modular bed. Again, the combination of colors can give you a fabulous hand when decorating .

4 modular beds perfect for the small room

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3.- Modular bed with headboard to store things

If you intend to take advantage of the space between the bed and the wall, this is undoubtedly one of the modular beds perfect for you. It consists of placing a shelf of the length that you prefer in that space.

Underneath, in addition, you can add drawers, to give the same use to those that we commented before; or even a piece of furniture with wheels, so that you can hide it so that it does not occupy space when not used.

4.- Folding bed

Finally, the last of the modular beds perfect for your children’s room that we discuss will offer you the option to pick it up during the day. Thus, you can take advantage of your space for any other piece of furniture; or simply to transit.

Like the previous option, the ideal in these cases is to make the furniture to measure, so that everything fits perfectly in the space you have. Of course, the price in these cases is higher.

If you are looking for perfect modular beds, you can not miss these alternatives. Your children will love them because they are original and very beautiful; You will be grateful to see your room always neat .

4 modular beds perfect for the small room