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4 simple exercises that your heart will always appreciate

As we all know, the heart is the motor of our organism. It is capable of pumping an average of 500 liters of blood per hour. With this great activity, and since the whole body depends on this organ, it never hurts to learn some exercises that your heart will always appreciate.

Here we propose 4 simple exercises with which you can reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and enhance the capacity of your heart. It is essential to be aware of our bad habits and correct them. Learn to pump health!

4 exercises that your heart will always appreciate

1. Walk three times a week

It is not necessary to spend money in a gym or have expensive equipment. With some simple shoes you can help your heart. How? Walking Walking is an aerobic exercise that increases the pumping of blood in the heart and, therefore, the oxygen that reaches the organs.

When walking the heart fibers are strengthened, more nutrients are pumped to the body, the risks of heart attack are reduced and cholesterol levels are improved. For this reason, the best help you can give your heart is to walk 30 minutes at a rapid pace, at least three times a week.

In addition, we can go hiking and take advantage of the pure air and nature. Walking along boardwalks near the sea or near rivers also relaxes the mind, and reduces stress and anxiety. However, if we do not have much time, we can do some sessions in our own house with a treadmill.

4 simple exercises that your heart will always appreciate

2. Swimming twice a week

Undoubtedly, one of the exercises par excellence to improve the health of the heart is swimming . When swimming in a horizontal position we facilitate that the cardiac pressure does not suffer peaks of abrupt activity since it does not have to push the blood with so much force towards the head.

Swimming improves cardiovascular health, reduces the risk of heart disease and increases the performance of our heart . In addition, this sport is very complete, since it involves the muscles of the whole body. Finally, by practicing it in the water we also reduce the risk of injury.

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3. Bicycle once a week

Another good option that will help us reduce visits to the doctor is to practice cycling. Whether on a stationary bike or going for walks at a good pace, cycling promotes cardiovascular health in a very enjoyable way.

To begin, it is important to get advice from a doctor or specialist , especially if you already have some type of heart disease. In this way, we will control the efforts, the times, the recovery and the way to hydrate and nourish ourselves .

We can start with gentle walks through nature or bike paths. It will also depend on the type of cycling, the time we have and the type of bicycle we choose.

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4. Dancing at any time

Approximately, 50% of patients with heart disease leave sports in the first month. For this reason, they have begun to implement new methods and exercises that motivate and entertain the person while helping the health of the heart.

Attending some dance classes or going out with friends or the couple to dance, will make us lose some good calories while we enjoy. And, in addition, we will maximize the performance of our heart, by strengthening the muscles that compose it. A strong heart pumps better and promotes good circulation, and thus reduces the risk of thrombosis .

4 simple exercises that your heart will always appreciate

How to start exercising?

Nature does not give gigantic jumps, but everything is progressive. We are not going to help our hearts in a few months of intense exercise. Health is a long-distance, day-to-day race of small achievements and struggles against laziness or apathy. We must understand sport as a way of life , a style incorporated into our habits, such as eating or breathing .

For this reason, we recommend that your progress be very gradual. Do not force yourself, or do high performance sports that can overload your heart’s resistance level. In the case of exercises that your heart will appreciate, it is preferable to go slowly, but surely.

Trainings should be developed with the control of specialized monitors or under the guidelines of your cardiologist if you suffer from any heart disease. Try from now on these simple exercises that your heart will thank in the short and long term!

4 simple exercises that your heart will always appreciate