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4 steps that will force your body to burn extra fat

There are different ways to burn extra fat . One of them is the in which carbohydrates are stopped by forcing the body to enter a metabolic process called ketosis.

In ketosis, the body is forced to burn fat in search of a source of energy , whether it is stored in the body or ingested.

al corazón y el cerebro. When this happens the liver begins to produce the ketone bodies, which will be responsible for supplying to the heart and brain.

1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume

The first step to burn the extra fat is to minimize the consumption of , not being able to spend 15 or 20 grams a day.

In this way the body can not use glucose or sugar as an energy source and enters an exceptional state in which it gets the energy it needs to function from the fatty acids and fats it has already accumulated.

Glycogen, which is nothing more than glucose stored in the liver and muscles, will cease to be a reserve to become the main source of energy that will begin to use to carry out daily activities.

In the first days it is common to feel tired and even bad mood as part of the process of adaptation to the low intake of carbohydrates.

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2. Include coconut oil in your diet to burn extra fat 4 steps that will force your body to burn extra fat

en la alimentación diaria. The second recommendation to burn extra fat with the help of ketosis is to include in the daily diet.

  • This oil contains fats called medium chain triglycerides that are quickly absorbed .
  • The liver converts these fats into ketones, which are an excellent source of energy.
  • In fact, this oil has lauric acid that has been

3. Add healthy fats to your menu

Another step to burn extra fat is to include healthy fats in the daily diet such as:

Just remember that this should be done with moderation because, if the intention is to lose weight, eating too many fats means an increase in the calories consumed daily.

es importante que las grasas que elijas sean lo más naturales posible para minimizar la ingesta de productos químicos. In addition, it is important that the fats you choose are as natural as possible to minimize the intake of chemicals.

4. Increase the amount of protein in your diet

4 steps that will force your body to burn extra fat

It is important to maintain a normal to high protein intake while you want to burn the extra fat.

The need for this is that during the digestive process of the proteins, the liver gets the amino acids it needs to produce the glucose required to use the ketones as an energy fuel.

la proteína es vital para la reposición muscular que ocurre cuando se pierde peso . Likewise, protein is vital for the muscle replenishment that occurs when weight is lost . . This is because in the process of burning extra fat you can also lose some .

Advantages of ketosis

  • Weight is lost quickly by the use of stored fat as an energy source. However, the difference is not very marked compared to a low-carbohydrate diet.
  • . It helps to better metabolize carbohydrates when they are included again and gradually in the .
  • With ketosis the body learns to use fats more efficiently and this effect can be maintained over time.
  • The ketogenic diet has a satiating effect. The levels of anxiety that cause us to overeat are reduced, since it includes a greater number of healthy fats in the daily diet.

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Side effects of burning extra fat with this diet

Although burning extra fat is one of your concerns, you should take into account that any diet always carries some risk.

Although the ketogenic diet is very natural and actually teaches you how to eat well, it could cause you some side effects because of the changes it requires in your diet.

The most common side effects are:

  • y dolores de cabeza. Dizziness and headaches. This effect occurs after the third day and occurs because the brain needs glycogen to function.

en el proceso de adaptación puede haber o moverse con rapi dez. Although the ketone bodies will make it work, in the process of adaptation there can be or moving quickly .

  • Bad breath or metallic taste in the mouth. It is common for the high presence of ketone bodies in the body when trying to burn extra fat with this method.
  • Urine with a very strong smell. Its cause is the release of ketones through it.
  • Excessive sweating Like urine, excessive sweating is one of the ways in which the body eliminates ketone bodies.
  • calcio . Calcium loss. There is a relationship between high protein intake and

This is due to the amount of acids needed to digest the proteins, since bone stability is very sensitive to the acid-base balance of the organism.

debes asegurarte de incluir un suplemento de calcio . To avoid the problem you should make sure to include a calcium supplement .

4 steps that will force your body to burn extra fat