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4 steps to help the baby sleep

Helping the baby sleep is a way to start his future independence . The ritual performed at bedtime is very important. You should fall asleep in a relaxed and comfortable way to be productive in your development.

The newborn baby does not differentiate between day and night . For this reason, the activity of sleeping should be included little by little. This is done in order to understand that you sleep at night and in the day you must stay awake.

There are no manuals to teach children to sleep, each baby learns to rest with a particular routine .   Although each child is different, you can try applying the steps that we share below.

What you should do to help your baby sleep

1. Light dinner

4 steps to help the baby sleep

Giving the baby the last meal of the day between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. is the first step . The food should be light so you can digest quickly, get to bed early and get plenty of rest. In this way, the next day will rise with energy.

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2. Bathing: unequivocal strategy to sleep the baby

The moment of the bath arrives, ideal moment to relax the baby with a warm shower. If you wish, add an aroma such as chamomile or lavender. This will make you sleep much better and rest.

3. Fix the room

4 steps to help the baby sleep

After feeding and bathing the baby, take him to the room where he sleeps is the next step. The rest area should be equipped for the child to sleep peacefully throughout the night .

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4. Mimes and stories help the baby sleep

While in the room, take it in your arms for a few minutes. Comfort him, caress him and love him . Enjoy the moment, your son will not be a baby all his life. If you are already in the stage where you understand a little more, you can read a story.

When the baby is already asleep, turn off the light. Wrap it up so it stays warm and spend the night happy. You can leave a small lamp on so that you do not panic with the darkness, in the event that you wake up at night.

Some tips to help a baby sleep

Dress him in comfortable pajamas

4 steps to help the baby sleep

To get your baby to sleep peacefully, put on comfortable pajamas . The most used are 100% cotton. With this type of fabric you will avoid allergic pictures, you will feel more comfortable and you will sleep better.

It is important that you verify that the pajama does not fit too tightly. Make sure you wear the right type of clothing for each season. Also, check that the labels on your wardrobe do not touch or disturb you.

Knead your bedroom at a suitable temperature  

The newborn comes from a warm and pleasant environment, as is the womb of his mother . To simulate that place where it comes from, you must control the temperature of the room where you are going to sleep.

You must be aware that there are no air currents that can make you uncomfortable and cold. However, the room can not be too hot either. Creating a baby’s sleep cycle will require a pleasant environment.

Perform aromatherapy and massage

4 steps to help the baby sleep

Aromatherapy tries to sensitize us with certain odors or oils . These help us achieve greater psychic and physical strength. In addition, they contribute to our energy and to feel good inside.

Therefore, by using an essence while you give a proper massage to your baby, you will help him relax and feel ready to sleep. This moment of aromatherapy should be a balm to help you fall asleep in a pleasant way.

You should not use odors that are too strong because they can cause allergies , causing you to sneeze, sting your eyes or feel uncomfortable.


4 steps to help the baby sleep

These four steps to help your baby sleep, aromatherapy and relaxing massages are a wonderful way to make you feel safe, loved and ready to sleep.

If you notice something irregular, you should go immediately to the pediatrician. Usually, your baby will sleep and wake up as much as needed .

4 steps to help the baby sleep