Do you notice your cheeks a little flaccid? With a slight lack of firmness, maybe? Do not worry, we give you simple and economical remedies to mitigate this effect and look more attractive. Surely these tips come to you well, find out.

Tips to soften the fallen cheeks

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks

The passage of time, as you know, is slowly chiselling slight changes in our appearance. It is natural that we have to learn to assume, it is normal and we have to accept it normally. Now, we can always combat the effect of the passage of time with home remedies and beauty treatments . Do not avoid at all that we come for example, with a twenties appearance at fifty for example, but we can still be attractive, we can continue to look good in the mirror and that is what matters.

Our genetic inheritance, changes in weight and a correct or incorrect diet will determine, for example, that our fallen cheeks are more or less accentuated, but we influence them, we can mitigate the effects with simple remedies . Take note:

1. Facial exercises

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks

Just as we do exercise to harden gluteus or abdomen, we can do the same with our cheeks. They do not stop having muscles, and therefore we can reaffirm them and correct their flaccidity. It is therefore a remedy worth continuing. And how we do it? Very easy, in front of the mirror he makes a very exaggerated and marked smile that lasts about ten seconds, then he rests and repeats it 5 times. Then, fill your inner cheeks with air, as if you were puffing up a balloon. Again, keep this gesture for 10 seconds and relax, and then repeat it five more times. Finally, with both hands, exercise a circular massage just above your cheekbones for 2 minutes, then continue a little lower, in the center of the cheek, where you notice your teeth. See how easy? Repeat twice a day.

2. Mask of avocado and honey

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks

This remedy is well known and really easy to do. You already know that the avocado is firming and moisturizing, with it you get a more toned complexion and hydrate the skin to nourish it, to prevent wrinkles from appearing and for the muscle to find good nutrition. You only have to get the pulp of half an avocado and add two tablespoons of honey. We mix everything well and apply this cream on the cheeks for 15 minutes. Ideal for before going to sleep, then rinse with warm water. Very successful.

3. Mask of yogurt and Aloe Vera

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks

A very nutritious technique and used by many women. The natural yogurt combined with Aloe Vera acts as an excellent firming with which it is worth starting the day. To benefit from it, you only have to get four tablespoons of plain yogurt and put it in a bowl where we can add two tablespoons of the gel to sabil a. With a spoon mix both ingredients until it is homogeneous. Very easy as you see. We apply it to the face with the help of a brush and let it act 20 minutes. You will see how it adheres well to the skin. After this time, you can remove it already with water. You will immediately notice a very soft skin. If we do it every day, you will see how little by little we soften those fallen cheeks.

4. Correct feeding

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks

You already know that what we consume is reflected abroad. Keep in mind that a fluid retention will make the cheeks look more swollen, and that these weight differences will in the long term that this directly affect our metabolism and our skin, which in the end will look more drooping and flaccid. All this we can avoid following a cleansing diet based on natural grapefruit, orange and even strawberries, which are also very suitable for cleaning and purifying.

We know that sometimes it costs, but we assure you that if we restrict the consumption of sweets, of industrial pastries our health and our skin will notice it. Increase salads, fiber, nuts and vegetable protein in your dishes, as the most important thing is to reaffirm the muscle. If we thin the skin is flaccid, hence we should always take care of the facial muscle to be strong and well nourished, hence we should take into account the consumption of rich vegetable proteins. Do not forget to stay well hydrated, so we purify toxins and help our organs work much better.

Firming the fallen cheeks is possible, with a little effort and these simple tips. It is worth trying.

4 Tips for firming fallen cheeks


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