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4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

Is it possible to lose weight with aloe vera? We know that lately this new natural resource is gaining strength with which to obtain a better figure. The reality is that we can achieve it. This plant has depurative properties and ability to reduce adipose tissue. We explain four techniques to get it.

Losing weight with aloe vera or aloe vera is possible

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

The properties of aloe vera to lose weight begin to be more recognized. New properties of this wonderful medicinal plant with translucent and gelatinous heart are discovered every day.

A natural resource that is used as a supplement in many diets to lose weight, and that specialists support. But what does aloe really do to help us lose weight?

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Ways to lose weight with aloe vera

The basic ways to go thinning thanks to aloe vera, is to consume this plant through juices and smoothies that allow us to benefit from its virtues and depurative and fat-burning properties. Take note of the following recipes:

1. Aloe vera juice with lemon

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

This juice should be taken every morning fasting. After drinking it, you should not consume anything until an hour later. In this way we manage to purify the organism, eliminate toxins and start the day in the best possible way with our clean intestines and having purified the organism. It is also a very nice drink.

To make it you must obtain the juice of a lemon , take a glass of water and a spoonful of the aloe vera gel . Be careful when obtaining the gel, use a knife to open the blade and remove with a spoon this translucent mixture.

Then, add all the ingredients to the fire and stir until everything is well mixed, so that the aloe liquefies. Finally, add a spoonful of honey . Once it’s warm, you can take it. Very easy!

2. Aloe vera smoothie with orange and strawberries

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

Did you know that strawberries are very suitable for weight loss? In fact, strawberries have a very low caloric intake, are suitable for have fiber, are diuretic and act as a powerful cleanser of the body, helping to eliminate toxins and preventing the accumulation of fluids.

Combined with an orange juice and aloe we will obtain a great antioxidant drink for your body and your blood. Ideal to fight fat, but also for our digestive system.

To prepare it, just take three strawberries, the juice of an orange, a spoonful of aloe vera, and half a glass of water. Take everything to a blender and obtain a well-balanced juice . Ideal for mornings.

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3. Pineapple, cucumber and aloe vera juice

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

When can I drink this juice? After your lunch In this case, we are going to take advantage of the digestive properties that the pineapple gives us , its capacity to purify and also favor that we go eliminating fats. The cucumber acts as a good moisturizer with which to help the digestive system and our stomach.

To prepare it you need half a cucumber, a slice of pineapple, a spoonful of aloe and a glass of water. Bring all the ingredients to the blender and obtain a homogenous juice . If you take it after lunch, it will feel great.

4. Infusion of aloe vera and ginger

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

Ideal for mid afternoon. Ginger is a good anti-inflammatory, it is depurative, it avoids liquid retentions, it favors digestions, it deflates and, combined with aloe, it also helps us to eliminate fats and to purify.

To make this tasty tea, what we will do is grate the equivalent of a spoonful of the ginger root. Also add a small spoonful of aloe vera-less than what we have taken on an empty stomach, for example. Add a cup of water and bring everything to a boil in your teapot .

Once everything is well mixed and the ginger has released its medicinal juice. Turn off the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes . You’ll love it.

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How to drink these drinks based on aloe vera to lose weight

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)

Remember that aloe vera serves as a supplement in weight loss diets . This means that we must follow a balanced nutrition low in fat . Increase, then, your dishes of salads, of vegetables, of fruits, avoid above all the industrial food, the refined flours, the sweetened drinks …

The basic thing is that you include that glass daily fasting or aloe vera with lemon, or the aloe smoothie with orange. This will allow us to refine ourselves and start the day with an adequate dose of this medicine plant. It would therefore be necessary that you do it at least for 10 consecutive days a month.

Then, in the afternoons, you can prepare either the infusion with ginger or that glass with pineapple juice . It is also not advisable to abuse aloe vera daily, which is why it is sufficient to follow a cleansing diet that does not extend beyond 10 days. Remember that if you have doubts, you can always consult your doctor or nutritionist.

4 ways to lose weight with aloe vera (aloe vera)