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5 conditions of good love

Are you looking for a partner? Do not you want to fall into the same mistakes of the past? Then, it is necessary that you discover some of the conditions of what we will call good love.

Good love is one that can be considered healthy , because it helps you grow, mature and where both members of the relationship add up, they are never subtracted.

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Having this clear, it is necessary that you are with your eyes wide open to possible candidates who can meet the necessary conditions to give you a healthy and real love.

1. A “we” is formed by a “you” and a “me”

5 conditions of good love

Good love is characterized because it respects the independence of the other person. When this does not exist, there is no “you” or “me”. Just a “we” that, if it disappears, we stop being someone.

A person who depends on another is not loving her well , but is needing her. She needs it to feel that they are not going to abandon her, to affirm that someone can love her or to convince herself that she will not be left alone.

Dependency relationships subtract, destroy and often end up leaving their members very damaged.

  • In good love, each individual has its own identity, which never loses when it forms an “us”.

2. I accept you as you are

If I have accepted you smoking, saying swear words, being a loudmouth or with a tendency to adorn reality too much, why would this shriek me over time?

  • When we are in front of the good love, they accept us as we are , and we accept the other also without wanting to change it, or guide it and even less manipulate it.

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At the moment when this is not fulfilled, good love has vanished and only expectations remain, hopes for changes that will not have an effect and attitudes of manipulation that will damage every relationship.

3. I need time to meet you

5 conditions of good love

We can accept that there may be a love at first sight, but nobody can deny that, in order to know well the person with whom we want to share our life, we need time.

The time to meet someone is essential for good love, because he knows that, even sometimes with time, you never get to know very well those around us.

Maybe that person lies to you or deceives you. Therefore, we do not believe that we know everything about the other so lightly . Let’s take time, especially to overcome this phase of falling in love so beautiful, but that causes us so much blindness.

4. You and I are responsible for the relationship

The responsibility is something fundamental that many couples do not take into account . And it is that the relationship, build it and take it forward, is a two.

When, in a couple, the members do not take responsibility this can be seen in the guilt that they charge the other, the dependence that they profess and even the disrespect that they are directed.

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Good love knows that both members of the relationship are responsible for it .

Therefore, it is useless to seek guilty or to depend on the other: when each one has an individual responsibility with the relationship.

5. Love is watered every day

5 conditions of good love

Sometimes we believe that we have found good love, when in fact we have committed the worst of mistakes: to believe that the couple was an end . That is, a goal, an objective that once achieved we feel victorious.

When we believe this, at the moment of getting the person we want to be by our side we ” accommodate “.

We stop giving him so many samples of affection, we forget to conquer her every day because of course! we got it…

However, love is watered every day and, if it is not done that way, it ends up wilting and, later, dying.

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If you are in search of love or you are open to the possibility of finding a partner, keep this in mind if you want to live a responsible, healthy love that will make you happy.

Sometimes, we make certain mistakes of which we are not aware, but before which we should open our eyes so as not to fall into them again.

5 conditions of good love