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5 foods for radiant skin

The skin is an indicator of the health of our body, as well as one of the most important aesthetic aspects to see ourselves well and feel good. Different effects of bad eating habits and the environment can cause our skin to lose its natural shine, which is why it is important to rescue the consumption of foods that contribute to highlighting the beauty that our skin is capable of achieving .

This time we want to tell you about 5 foods for a radiant skin , foods that you can find easily and that can help you look more fresh and healthy.

The blueberry

This small fruit, which can be used as an accompaniment in yogurt, , which delays the aging process of the skin .


One of the key ingredients contained in the tomato is lycopene, which has important . Because lycopene is not synthesized by our body, it is important that we add it in our diet so that our body can make use of it. In the case of tomatoes, lycopene is more easily absorbed when the tomato has been cooked, so take advantage of those recipes that incorporate the tomato used in this way. Another point in favor of tomato consumption is that lycopene can also help .

The corn

Corn helps to achieve healthier skin because it , which has a similar function to lycopene, protecting the skin from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays . Lutein is also not produced by our body, so we must consume it from foods that contain it in good quantity.

The almonds

The secret that almonds have to make our skin shine naturally is its , which acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from the effects that make it lose its youthful and radiant appearance . It should be noted that the consumption of almonds also helps to calm the anxiety to eat, providing a healthy food to the body in those moments of the day when you want to snack on something to eat, instead of eating other foods loaded with fat or sugar.

The spinach

The great advantage of spinach and other vegetables with dark green leaves is . At the same time, vitamin E contributes to the elimination of impurities, such as neighborhoods.

Incorporate these foods into your diet and you can begin to notice the results of a more radiant, fresher and with the natural shine that reflects the wellbeing of your body in general.

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5 foods for radiant skin