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5 foods that you should not give your children for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why it is essential to do it properly.

However, there are some foods that are best avoided if we want our children to grow healthy and

You have to be clear that when preparing a good breakfast you have to do it based on two aspects: hunger and satiety. However, in the case of children this is more unpredictable.

Keep in mind that the child still retains the feeling of

1. Fresh juices

5 foods that you should not give your children for breakfast

If consumed in excess, fruit , and cause excessive production of hydrochloric acid.

In addition, these types of drinks are rich in psoralens and furanocoumarins that make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Therefore, the best alternative will be a good tea.

2. Sugary cereals

Sugary cereals are liked by both large and small, but they are not the healthiest solution.

It is a type of food that has too much sugar , nothing less than 363 kcal per 100 grams, so it is best to opt for other options.

Among the alternatives would be , which are healthy and nourish something that does not happen with sugary cereals.

We can not forget that these last ones are all empty calories that will make us hungry in a short time.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Although the fruits and the fresh vegetables are very healthy they are not recommendable if they are going to ingest in fasting .

Think that they contain a series of acids that do not feel good on an empty stomach. For example, tomatoes contain a large amount of pectin and tannic acid, which can lead to gastric

In this way, the perfect alternative (although it may sound strange) would be a good vegetable broth, which would not cause the production of gases during the course of the day nor cause acidity.

4. It is not the best time of day to ingest dairy products

5 foods that you should not give your children for breakfast

Although taking dairy at breakfast is very common, the truth is that it is not the best time of the day to ingest this type of products.

Milk drinks are not harmful to children, but fasting their properties are not very effective .

Therefore, it is best to take them half an hour after breakfast .

  • A good alternative to enjoy a full breakfast is to opt for a good .

It contains the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, A, E and K and about one third of the daily dose of the B vitamins. It is also a valuable source of trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

5. Products rich in carbohydrates

pan, hacen que suba el nivel del azúcar en la sangre y, por tanto, que el páncreas trabaje más, y produzca una mayor cantidad de insulina. Products rich in make up the level of blood sugar

and therefore the pancreas work harder and produce more insulin.

As a result of this and a possible excess of insulin, you end up accumulating more fat even when you are a child .

In addition, in the case of baked goods containing yeast, especially in hot rolls, it ends up giving a direct consequence in our intestine: excessive production of gases.

Other recommendations

5 foods that you should not give your children for breakfast

When it comes to thinking about what we give breakfast to the little ones in the house, it is important to look for a balance.

Thus, we must take into account the rest of the food that they will consume during the day , whether they eat at

In this way we will achieve that the food at the end of it is as balanced and complete as possible.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more organizations that design the menus of school canteens have the help of nutritionists.

These, in turn, incorporate suggestions for dinners, breakfasts and

If you have an uninspired day, you can always check them out. Balance will be the key.

5 foods that you should not give your children for breakfast