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5 habits that honest people practice

Honest people enjoy a better quality of life , are happier and face problems in a more integral and courageous way.

. This is so for a very simple reason: honest people are not the smartest, nor those who always know the truth about things: they are profiles with a firm coherence between what they think and what they do .

Curious as it may seem, this kind of psychological principle is not easy to put into practice.

The honesty of mind and acts requires an adequate personal development where being genuine, authentic and sincere with ourselves and with others.

Next, we suggest you delve a little deeper into the characteristics that define this valuable personality trait.

1. Honest people are not afraid to tell the truth

Honesty is useless if one is not able to have the courage to defend and always demand the truth in each of the contexts that surround him.

  • Who has an honest heart does not admit injustice, blackmail, half-truths or whole lies.
  • That honesty that one tries to maintain for oneself also demands it in others.

On the other hand, we all know that it is not exactly easy to defend and spread this type of personal integrity.

There are many scenarios in which that camouflaged dishonesty reigns, that harmful hypocrisy of which we have to defend ourselves constantly.

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2. Are aware of their limitations, their shortcomings

5 habits that honest people practice

It is useless to demand the honesty of others if we are not able to practice it in our own person.

  • In our day to day there is no shortage of those who boast endless virtues. However, they are left alone on the placards, because in their day to day they do not apply a single principle of those who preach.
  • It is not the case of honest people. In your case, they are profiles that have made an adequate interior journey to be aware of their limitations , their defects and their black holes.
  • They know which are the aspects that they must improve in themselves, those weak points and those weaknesses that go surpassing moment to moment and step by step.

This self-knowledge favors in turn a personal congruence where acts and thoughts are harmonized, where there are no falsehoods or manichaeism: only the balance of a humble and respectful heart .

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3. They are transparent people: what they demonstrate is what they are

5 habits that honest people practice

Being transparent is not allowing others to see our intimacies, nor to be vulnerable like a window of fine crystal.

  • Honesty is synonymous with transparency because everything you do, say and demonstrate is in harmony with your own personality .
  • There are no biases or dissonances. Even more, to be honest is to always maintain the same behavior, the same treatment and the same way of relating to others.
  • Being transparent always and at every moment is not easy either, because if there is something that usually characterizes the human being, it is its fickle, changing nature.

Likewise, we find that constant need to “fit in” and be accepted by everyone and in any context.

The honest person does not have this problem: if something does not please him or goes against his principles, he makes it clear.

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4. They fight for what they believe in

Sometimes, the most honest, humble and noble people are those who most feel the loneliness or even the rejection of many of those around them.

  • This is so for a very simple reason: sometimes, honesty is combative and not afraid to say out loud what does not like, which for that person is not lawful or respectful.
  • Almost nobody likes that sincerity that has no hairs on the tongue, nor that voice that does not hide when it comes to making things clear.

All this often makes honesty uncomfortable and is preferred more to the hypocrite or the docile, manageable person.

5. Honest people inspire, give example

5 habits that honest people practice

The person who lives his day to day from the congruence, from that perfect balance between values ​​and acts usually inspires those who know how to really appreciate it.

  • Maybe some enmity is created by his frankness, but the wise look, which knows how to value the pillars of goodness and integrity of these profiles, greatly appreciates them.
  • Hence, they are great friends , family members that we appreciate intensely and co-workers that make our lives easier, more beautiful day by day.

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If in your life you have one or more people characterized by an indefatigable honesty, do not hesitate to have them always close, to learn from them, to share time and great moments.

They are gifts from our society, people who inspire us to be better.

5 habits that honest people practice