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5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way

In our space we love to bring you ecological ideas with which to make our planet more sustainable and also make your life a little easier. If you like handicrafts do not miss the opportunity to put these suggestions into practice: how to recycle cardboard rolls in really original articles.

Original ideas with paperboard or paper rolls

Normally, when we finish our rolls of kitchen towels or those of the service, we usually throw them away, into the recycling bin surely. But we know that not all cities have that blue container specialized in it, so from our space we want to give you some simple ideas so you can get really useful articles for your daily life . Objects for the kitchen, for the garden, for your children … if you are good at handicrafts then you are in luck. So what if we also invite our children to help us and thus also learn to make a more sustainable and ecological world? Let’s go there.

1. Ecological idea: Original cable holder

Surely you have a lot of domestic appliances that go loose with their cables. Sometimes we use a ribbon or string to tie them and hold them. But we assure you that a simple roll of cardboard is something really practical and fast to have well protected those cables.

You can already see it in the drawing. The most suitable will be the cardboard of our kitchen rolls since they are longer. We suggest you decorate them with colored ribbons, with an attractive and fun color with which to brighten the cardboard. It is enough with three or four tapes along the whole tube, you can adhere it with paper glue or with transparent adhesive tape so that they do not get loose. Very easy!

2. Ecological idea: pots for vegetable cuttings

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way  If you have your own garden, do not miss this original advice. Sometimes we plant seeds, and, until a cutting or a small plant comes out , we can not pass it to our garden. In this way it is always more appropriate to start the cultivation first in a small pot where the seed develops the first weeks. Ideal for seeds of tomatoes, lettuce or peppers.

Just take a plastic tray, and inside it, introduce a few rolls of cardboard . For example, rolls of toilet paper. Then we fill them with soil enriched with substrate. That it is well moist and loose. When the rolls are full, you can now enter the seeds. It will take a few weeks to leave, but once you see the cutting, we can transplant it to our garden.

3. Ecological idea: A fun organizer

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way

You already know how many small objects are loose in our cabinets: mobile phone chargers, pencils, threads, buttons, pencils, keys … or even children’s things that we do not know where to store. Solution? Here you have an original and easy idea. You just need a nice wooden box. Once you have chosen it, enter inside all the rolls of toilet paper you can until it is well together. See how easy? Now you can leave there all that you usually lose or find hard to find.

4. Ecological ideas: organizer beauty articles

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way

It all happens to us, we often lose those small objects of beauty as basic as hair bands, hairpins, hooks … countless small things that can be easily located with the help of this practical cardboard roll. What are you waiting for? Find a nice paper with which to decorate it, a wrapping paper for example, or even if you are good at drawing, you can make a small work of art in it, that way it will look better in our bathroom.

Once ready, keep it handy for when you’re combing your hair or when your children need their things. You will not lose anything!

5. Ecological ideas: nice gift boxes or to store your things

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way

Do you think it’s nice, right? Well, it’s very easy to do. With cardboard rolls that we no longer need we can make original boxes to offer as a gift, or for us in order to save for example jewelry, cosmetics, hair items or whatever dictates our imagination.

We are sure that the little ones will love it, that is why we invite you to do it together with your children, brothers or nephews. The first thing we have to do is close the sides of the cardboard rolls so that we are sure of it, and that in turn, one of them lets us introduce the things. To do so, follow the instructions in the drawing below. Very easy.

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way

Once achieved, you can decorate it. You can put fabrics or paper, in our illustration you can see how we have included a nice embroidery that ends in an attractive paper floretón. You can include buttons, colored ribbons, or even pieces of wool. Everything will depend on your particular art.

In essence, what interests us is to recycle the cardboard in the way you can. It’s easy and fun, and with that, we take care a little more of the planet. You dare?

5 ideas to reuse cardboard rolls in an original way