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5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?

We all know what irresistible people are and what they feel like . They have something, they have light, charisma and that charm that goes far beyond mere physical appearance.

We could think, first of all, that to exercise this kind of attraction one has to be born. That the attractiveness in the ways, gestures and treatment “comes from the factory”.

However, it is not like that. In these times where the “coach” is already raised as those gurus capable of initiating us in a myriad of skills to be more skilled in our environments, we can not forget that the irresistible being is directly related to the Emotional Intelligence.

In turn, it is necessary to clarify a first aspect. This dimension has nothing to do with physical attractiveness. There is another type of deeper and more interesting influence that goes beyond a face or a body.

We are referring to the way we interact, the way we treat or even the way we inspire others.

We propose you to know what characteristics define this type of people.

1. Irresistible people know how to connect with others

5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?

Travis Bradbery is one of the authors who has sold the most books on Emotional Intelligence.

All his publications are oriented towards a very specific goal: to train people in different skills so that they are perceived as more successful, happier.

It is possible that you also believe that irresistible people manage to connect with others because they have an inexplicable “something” that allows it .

That “something” has in fact a whole series of characteristics that can be learned. They are the following:

  • They have empathy , they value the person in front of them.
  • Irresistible people practice emotional openness, they are welcoming to the deal.
  • They transmit confidence and security.
  • They have the ability to make the person in front feel special.

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2. Understand what dignity is and what respect is

5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?

The irresistible person exercises attraction over others because he treats those around him with the same respect he offers himself.

  • It does not violate, it does not intimidate, it does not put barbed wire or speak the language of selfishness or double meaning.
  • He also understands very well that what we all need is to be treated with dignity. Because when there is respect, people “bloom” and give the best of themselves.
  • We have all noticed it. When someone treats us well and values ​​us, we feel empowered to offer the best. They empower us.

3. Protect your personal limits

There is an aspect that we like to find in others: that they know how to respect times, private spaces, that understand where the personal limits of each one are and that they act in conscience.

  • There are those who see themselves with the right to meddle in our affairs , to demand favors, to cross those spaces where each one of us keeps our self-esteem , our inner balance.
  • Irresistible people, on the other hand, protect you, defend you and respect you. They will never feel upset if one day you give them a negative, if you say “today I do not feel like leaving” or “I do not share your opinion”.

They know how to exercise that invisible respect that does not need words, that exalts a harmonious coexistence where we feel supported, valued and even protected.

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4. They have a positive attitude towards life

5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?
  • When we talk about positivity , sometimes, we fall into a double-edged sword.

There are people who practice an unrealistic positivity, such as thinking that things are solved by themselves or that good things happen to those who want it intensely.

  • It is not the case of irresistible people. They understand that life is struggle, effort and improvement.
  • However, in each step they take, that positivity that feeds on hope, courage and enthusiasm is inscribed .

Likewise, they are capable of infecting us with their energy, their vitality.

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5. They know how to be light in the storm

They give us encouragement, light and motivation. Irresistible people make the difficult easy and have that humble heart that welcomes us without demanding anything in return.

  • To be light in the storm you need, first of all, will .

We also need to see the possibilities where others see only problems, courage to break barriers and do what is best for the common good, so that we all win and nobody loses.

  • Is not easy. It is not easy to assume this attitude towards life where we recognize the other as part of oneself to facilitate that common good , that coexistence that we need so much nowadays.
  • However, being irresistible can be a challenge in our daily life that is worth putting into practice.

To do this, start by taking care of yourself, by encouraging personal growth where, little by little, to be happy inside to offer the best to others.

Because when you are satisfied with yourself and happy, it shows. That’s when he manages to spread that magic to others to be irresistible .

5 keys of irresistible people: are you one of them?