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5 keys to calm the restless mind and find inner peace

The restless mind leaves no respite or rest . We jump from worry to worry, from a fear to an anxiety.

Little by little we weave networks so complex in our brain that we lose that wonderful privilege called inner peace .

Now, it is possible that many confuse the concept of restless mind with curiosity and productivity.

While it is true that this internal energy is sometimes a reflection of the desire to learn, most of the time this concern is, in reality, mental noise.

It is confusion, fatigue and unhappiness.

Often, it is often said that there is no worse enemy than the one you create in your mind”.

However, rather than seeing it as our exclusive responsibility, this inner stress must be perceived as a subtle combination of many things.

Next, we suggest you think about it so you can find calm . It is easy to carry out, only an essential ingredient is required: will.

The restless mind and the turbulent ocean of our brain

One of the best known books about these complex situations where mental noise intermingles with depression is that of Kay Jamison .

This psychiatrist from the John Hopkins University of Baltimore (United States), explains his particular case in this interesting work.

Since I was a child, I was always prone to affective and emotional instability. The sadness accompanied me in my adolescence and, when I started my professional life, I fell into inexorable cycles between fear, anxiety and in that restless mind that barely allowed me to live.

“The restless mind”, Kay Jamison

Then, and if you feel reflected in these simple lines, do not hesitate to consider 5 dimensions that can help you.

5 keys to calm the restless mind and find inner peace

1. Remove unnecessary pesos

You have them, although you do not see them. As soon as you realize all the weights that you carry in your mind you will feel better.

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  • You are surrounded by people who, far from giving you things, take away your energy .
  • It is possible that you are prioritizing aspects that are not beneficial for you.
  • Understands that “less is always more”.

2. Stop for a moment and take a breath, turn off the mental noise

Yesterday is no longer. The past can not be edited and the future does not exist yet. So, focus all your attention on the here and now, where you are in these same moments.

  • Stop and take a breath. Hold it tight and hold it for five seconds. Next, exhale soundly.
  • This simple exercise, whether you believe it or not, liberates your mind, oxygenates it and allows you to calm down.
  • When the body feels good, it is time to connect with yourself.
  • Next, ask yourself with humility what you want, what you are looking for, what you do not want, what you aspire to.

It would be appropriate for you to practice this exercise every day, just get up.

5 keys to calm the restless mind and find inner peace

3. Build protective walls

The restless mind suffers because it is very permeable. Because it lets in the worries of others, the selfishness, the interests of those around us.

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When that negative energy bursts inside of us, it intermingles with our personal weaknesses . The combination is fearsome.

It is necessary to put walls in the following way.

  • I move away from that which is not in my harmony. I do not want selfishness, I do not want false interests.
  • I raise walls for those who bring me storms on calm days.
  • I build walls for those who do not respect me. I forgive them and I let them go.

4. The silence that repairs

Once a day and, at least, for an hour and a half or two hours, you need a bath of absolute silence.

  • These moments of tranquility and inner peace allow us to connect with our needs to calm the restless mind.

Because the nervous mind that jumps from black hole into black hole has forgotten to take care of itself. He no longer remembers how much it is worth or how important it is.

  • Relax in the silence and extinguish the fears, the inner voices. Let emotions like satisfaction, inner peace and the balance between the mind and the heart surround you.
5 keys to calm the restless mind and find inner peace

5. Cultivate gratitude

This dimension is, without doubt, the most complicated to carry out.

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Relax and reflect on the following aspects:

  • If you feel bad for people who do not like you, stay away. The solution can be simple, although it requires courage.
  • If what you feel now is discomfort, it gives a twist through thought . Choose not to find yourself like that; Turn off what you feel and remember what you deserve.
  • Appreciate the small things that surround you and that, perhaps, you have neglected.
  • Give thanks for being physically well, for having by your side certain people that you do love, that do love you.
  • Learn to give thanks for each new day. Because they are new opportunities that open on your horizon so that you achieve what you want.

Be happy, be calm, in balance.

5 keys to calm the restless mind and find inner peace