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5 natural analgesics to relieve pain

One of the most important defense mechanisms in the human being, without a doubt, is pain. It is a way to alarm the body in times of danger.

From the perspective of neurophysiology, feeling pain involves the participation of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

How is it produced? The pain causes reactions in the two mentioned systems when receiving stimuli in different parts of the brain.

What is pain?

5 natural analgesics to relieve pain

This is defined as a sensory and emotional experience that causes dislike , usually related to a tissue injury or potential.

In medical terms it is classified into two categories:

  • Acute: It prevails while there is damage or illness. That is, it is a warning that something is wrong in the body.
  • Chronic: It is maintained even after the initial cause has been resolved. It occurs periodically without a known cause. It starts with a problem in the body and can last up to six months.

It is very common that when experiencing back pain, molars or head we resort to the pills. This implies the risk of suffering side effects, medical interactions and even becoming addicted to the drug.

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Signs of pain

Among the main characteristics are the expressions that indicate pain, such as frowning, closing the eyes with force or blinking in an accelerated way. Further:

  • Moans, moans or laments
  • Exaggerated breathing
  • Tense body posture
  • Irritability and anguish

Fortunately, there are many herbs and spices that have properties to fight inflammation and pain. Below we present a list of the most used natural analgesics in natural medicine:

1. White willow bark

5 natural analgesics to relieve pain

In ancient times people chewed to relieve pain and fever.

Nowadays we can use willow bark to prepare an infusion . However, they also sell it as a liquid or capsule supplement. It is very useful for

Willow bark has been used for centuries to combat the inflammation that causes pain. This is due to its chemical salicin content, an ingredient very similar to

However, we must be very careful not to exceed the doses since it can cause upset stomach.

: Su uso es exclusivo para adultos, pues a pesar de ser completamente natural no se recomienda para pacientes sensibles a la aspirina, ibuprofeno o naproxeno. Note : Its use is exclusively for adults, because despite being completely natural it is not recommended for patients sensitive to aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen.

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2. Turmeric

One of the most used spices in natural medicine, yellow color and unmatched flavor.

Turmeric contains curminine, an antioxidant is responsible for protecting the body from free radicals , which can damage cells and tissues.

  • In addition to fighting pain, it also helps if you have digestive problems, ulcers or

3. Clove

5 natural analgesics to relieve pain

The Its success as a medicine has been such that nowadays we can find it in the form of powder, capsules and even in oil.

Its main ingredient is eugenol, a natural analgesic that is used in various ointments for pain.

  • Clove not only contributes to the relief of pain, but it also reduces the symptoms of nausea and colds due to its antiseptic properties.
  • It is ideal to fight headaches, arthritis or pain in the molars. That is, it can be used as a topical analgesic.

People who have bleeding disorders or who are taking anticoagulant treatment should avoid it, because it increases the risk of bleeding .

4. Ice

Although it sounds simple, ice is an element that should not be missing in the home.

Apply one of the most effective remedies to fight pain is to apply heat and ice to the area.

After experiencing inflammation in the before taking a drug it is best to apply an ice pack and intercalate with a warm compress.

Similarly, the next time you experience a headache, try putting on a cold compress and you will notice how it decreases.

5. Arnica

5 natural analgesics to relieve pain

This plant is essential to relieve pain in a topical way.

Its leaves and branches are used to prepare infusions and ointments and thanks to its properties help to heal wounds and pains.

  • Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial power is due to its contribution of flavonoids.
  • It also contains caffeic ñocido and chlorogenic acid, which are responsible for the heat generated when putting on the affected area in order to remove the bruises.

Do not forget that it is always important to go to the doctor to avoid worsening the condition, or to approve the use of a natural analgesic.

5 natural analgesics to relieve pain