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5 phrases to inspire you when you feel your life is going bad

We all like the phrases that seem made to inspire you when you feel your life is going badly. There are even those who “collect” them because we know that, sooner or later, we will need them.

. Thinking about that, we have prepared some . todos, en algún punto, sentimos que la vida va mal, pero también sabemos que esto es solo momentáneo . We know that everyone, at some point, feels that life is going badly, but we also know that this is only momentary .

However, that security is not always enough to smile when it is most necessary.

Read these phrases and take them with you. Surely they help you to see your circumstances in a better way.

1. “Be kind when possible. It is always possible “- Dalai Lama 5 phrases to inspire you when you feel your life is going bad

How many times has it happened to you that you feel that your life is going badly and you get even with whoever gets in your way? Surely the result is that everything gets worse.

And of course, how can it not be like that? aquello que es lo que atraes . Remember that what you is what you attract .

Now, if today you ended up with your partner and the job is going bad, give yourself the opportunity to find the time to be nice to others. It is not for them, but for you.

Human beings react according to what they make us feel.

This means that if you are kind to the rest, they will be more willing to lend a hand.

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2. “You will get everything you want in life if you help others achieve what they want” – Zig Ziglar

Many of us have been educated with the idea that you must work to achieve your own goals without giving much importance to others.

However, it is increasingly clear that to the extent that you help others, you are benefited .

If today you feel that your life is going bad, stop for a moment and analyze if you are helping others and how. Maybe the reason why you do not do well is just that you try to take advantage and that is giving you the opposite result.

Helping others, sometimes, is as simple as asking them what they need or what you can do for them .

con algo que para ti es sumamente fácil y que él está dispuesto a pagar. Perhaps those economic problems that prevent you from paying rent are solved if you help a with something that is extremely easy for you and that he is willing to pay.

piensa que si hoy ayudas a alguien, esa persona se sentirá tan agradecida que querrá ayudarte a alcanzar tus metas . In some cases you may not get a direct benefit, but think that if you help someone today, they will be so grateful that they will want to help you reach your goals .

In the end, it is a snowball effect in which everyone benefits.

3. “Failure is an event, not a person” – Zig Ziglar

If today you feel that your life is going badly because you had a setback in some aspect and you are defining yourself as a It is true that wrong hurts and nobody likes it.

However, failure is part of life and must be accepted as a reality.

What you should never do is define yourself for that. If today you failed, stop to analyze your decisions and how they led you to that result. Then, learn from it and try again knowing that this path does not work.

4. “We must suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of repentance and disappointment” – Jim Rohn 5 phrases to inspire you when you feel your life is going bad

Why do you feel that your life is going badly? Do you think that you are doing too much effort and you do not see results? Are you realizing that you have not done what you should and now the results clearly are not what you expected?

o te esfuerzas por aquello que quieres hasta que te duela o te quedas en la y luego te aguantas el resultado . already tells us about this and makes it clear that you either try for what you want until it hurts or you stay in the and then you can stand the result .

Maybe the feeling that generates a great weight today gives you the clue how you should continue.

Take a couple of days and analyze your life. What have you done to get where you are? Is that where you wanted to be? Was it worth it? Do you want to change?

cada decisión que tomas te va a doler de una u otra forma, porque implica algún tipo de sacrificio . You must understand that every decision you make will hurt you in one way or another, because it implies some kind of sacrifice . Therefore, you must be clear about your goals and work according to them.

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5. “You can not save people. You can only love her “- Anaïs Nin

How many times do you feel that your life is going bad because you try to push someone to be a better person? It has all happened to us all, and there are those who happen to them often.

It is possible that you are a person who does not tolerate seeing someone suffering and who has so much love to give that you take the problems of others as their own.

Without a doubt, that makes you a great person, but it can also inflict a lot of damage if you do not learn to see that you can not control people.

You should never take others’ problems as their own nor should you wait for others to change. They will do it only if they wish and not because you expect it.

If you want to help, stay by their side and support them when they ask you, but do not try to direct them, because it will not help.

The most important thing is that, if at some point you feel that you can not take it anymore, you move away. It is healthy to be a little when your respect and self-esteem are compromised.

5 phrases to inspire you when you feel your life is going bad