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5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

Highly sensitive people can awaken misunderstanding in others . On many occasions, they are seen as too “exaggerated”.

It is normal, if we take into account that in a daily situation they respond automatically and unexpectedly in a striking way.

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However, judging before knowing what happens always leads to misunderstandings . We do not know the discomfort that they can feel and generate this type of answers.

1. They can not stand the pressure

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

Having many tasks to do can overwhelm them. They prefer to concentrate on one and give everything. In fact, they tend to be very creative people.

They work much better in solitude and in a quiet environment . When this is not the case, stress makes an appearance and they are unable to be effective and productive.

As there is noise around you or someone who urges you to be alert to various issues, they will begin to feel blocked.

When this happens, highly sensitive people become irritable and have a difficult mood.

2. Reject chaotic environments

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

In our society chaos is always well received. It seems that we are looking for noise, loud music, strong stimuli that keep us away from silence.

However, highly sensitive people flee from all this.

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Receiving too many stimuli at the same time can be maddening . Smells, sounds, interruptions … All this eliminates the balance that they had until now.

Sometimes, they get to the point that they are bothered by the mere noise of chewing or any tic that someone may have.

The reaction shown before these “little things” is very intense and ends up angering the people around them, who do not understand the reason for their discomfort.

3. They take things as something personal

For a person who is highly sensitive, most of the situations they experience are “personal.” This happens because they are very empathetic .

They react in a very intense way to social injustices or to the damage that one person may have caused to another for free.

This is also given because they pay attention to the details. They are experts in analyzing non-verbal language that communicates more than words.

Because of this, they will be able to always detect if you are legit, if you are hiding something …

They do not like and disconcert others because, in general, people do not tend to notice and analyze those microexpressions that we all have.

Some will believe that they are their imaginations, others will try to tell them “do not take it personally”. But none of this will work …

4. They need solitude like the air they breathe

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

This can surprise the rest of the world a lot, because, in general, people avoid being alone, they are afraid of feeling separated from everything and everyone.

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

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However, highly sensitive people seek solitude . That moment of peace and tranquility where none of the above will affect them.

However, this can cause annoyance on the part of your friends, it is normal to decline invitations, turn off the phone for a whole day or do not feel like answering messages.

This does not mean that they do not like to spend time in company, but they do need more time than the rest for themselves. Being alone, with no one … A situation that sometimes leads to problems with your partner.

5. If something hurts, they will not be the same

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others

The balance of highly sensitive people comes not only from within, but also from their exterior. Maybe, because they are very linked to your body .

A headache or belly pain, hunger or any other type of discomfort can be unbearable and change your mood without explanation.

All this causes instantaneous changes in his behavior that baffle the people around him.

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Sometimes it is difficult to deal with highly sensitive people, because putting ourselves on their skin is very complicated.

However, not judging, trying to ask to understand and open our mind to be able to understand how they see the world , will be of great help.

Are you a highly sensitive person? Have you been close to one?

5 reactions of highly sensitive people who surprise others