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5 remedies to regulate hormones naturally

We know we should do something to regulate hormones when we suffer from menstrual disorders, acne, fertility or libido problems, menopause symptoms, etc.

In this article we offer you five natural remedies to regulate hormones without side effects . By doing so you will be able to see how hormones affect your quality of life.

Regulating hormones is possible

5 remedies to regulate hormones naturally

Hormonal issues are conditioned by genetics.

However, that does not mean that we can not balance them with the help of adequate food and supplements. In the same way, we should know that bad habits also alter them.

As a starting point, there are factors that we should avoid in order not to make the situation worse:

  • The consumption of meats and cow’s milk that are not organic , since they contain hormones that can alter even more ours.
  • Unfermented soybeans and foods that contain it, such as milk and soy flour.
  • Stress , which affects all the functions of the body.
  • A diet rich in sugars and refined.
  • The sedentarismo.
  • The habitual consumption of drugs , especially of contraceptive medication.
  • The alcoholic drinks.

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Here are the 5 remedies that can help us regulate hormones. For this reason, we should not take them during pregnancy and, if there is any doubt, we will first consult with our general practitioner.

1. Flax oil

This vegetable oil is extracted from the cold pressing or linseed, a food that must be protected from heat and light to prevent oxidation.

This oil is sold as food and as a supplement, and stands out for its high contribution of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Flax oil is recommended to treat health problems related to inflammation, as well as to regulate hormones and improve fertility , thanks to its content in lignans (phytoestrogens).

To be effective we must always take it raw.

2. Maca

5 remedies to regulate hormones naturally

This Andean tuber, very popular in Peru, is now considered a superfood. In addition to being very energetic and stimulating, maca helps us to rejuvenate the entire endocrine system in both men and women, whatever our disorder.

In this way, it improves menstrual disorders, libido and fertility , besides being an excellent remedy for the beauty of skin, skin and hair.

People who suffer high blood pressure, nervousness or immune disorders should be careful.

3. Evening primrose oil

5 remedies to regulate hormones naturally

The famous is a common remedy for women who have suffered menstrual disorders and the symptoms of climacteric and menopause in recent decades.

It contains omega 6 essential fatty acids, which are essential for good hormonal health.

For this reason, many gynecologists recommend it to reduce premenstrual syndrome, combat infertility , prevent ovarian cysts or treat endometriosis.

When choosing the evening primrose oil supplement, we recommend opting for one that also includes vitamin E, which improves its conservation and absorption.

4. Brewer’s yeast

is an essential supplement if we want to contribute a good amount of vitamins and minerals to our body, both for good health and to look good.

The brewer’s yeast stands out for its zinc content, a very beneficial mineral to develop a good production and hormonal secretion.

In addition, the rest of the nutrients that it contributes also contributes to solve possible deficits that we have and that, in one way or another, also affect the endocrine system.

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5. Fennel

The bulbs and seeds of raise estrogen levels naturally and without health risks .

It is also an ideal remedy during menopause.

It should be noted that fennel is recommended during pregnancy and lactation , since it promotes milk production. However, we can consult with the doctor to ensure the necessary dosage and manner.

We can take it in infusions, supplements or through its essential oil, as long as it is suitable for consumption.

5 remedies to regulate hormones naturally