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5 simple foods that you should include in your breakfast if you suffer arthritis

Arthritis is very common, maybe too much, and yet we still do not understand it at all. When we talk about it, the first thing we think about is the classic swelling and the deformation of fingers, of hands.

Now, to speak of “arthritis” is not to refer to a specific disease. Actually, there are more than 100 types of arthritis and different diseases associated with it.

Moreover, this condition does not only affect the elderly, we also have children with rheumatoid arthritis, people in the prime of their lives and even athletes.

Likewise, we can not forget osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis where the cartilage loses strength and resistance.

Something that needs to be assumed is that arthritis does not heal; it is about every day to get, as far as possible, a better quality of life.

Whether we suffer from inflammatory, infectious or metabolic arthritis, it is always necessary to have the advice of good professionals.

For our part, we suggest something very simple and basic: that you take care of your diet . Starting with a proper breakfast can help you.

We explain how.

The best breakfast to reduce the symptoms of arthritis

We know that taking care of our diet will not cause arthritis to be cured, but that thanks to certain foods and their nutrients we can achieve certain aspects:

Let’s see next, what foods we should include in our breakfast to start our days in the best way.

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1. The red fruits

5 simple foods that you should include in your breakfast if you suffer arthritis

The vast majority of fruits are, by themselves, very healthy. However, those that we put under the category of “red fruits” such as, for example, strawberries, cherries, blueberries , plums or red grapes, are very appropriate in case we suffer from arthritis.

  • They are rich in antioxidants, as well as in ascorbic acid (a form of vitamin C).
  • The anthocyanins and carotenoids of red fruits, as well as their multiple compounds, help us fight free radicals that promote inflammation.
  • The ideal is to consume fresh fruit. However, as many of these fruits we do not have them throughout the year, do not hesitate to buy them frozen. Although they have lower vitamin load they can also help us.

2. Coffee? Yes please

5 simple foods that you should include in your breakfast if you suffer arthritis

Do not worry, coffee should not miss you either in case you suffer arthritis. Taken in moderation and, especially, early in the day, it can be of great help.

  • Coffee is rich in antioxidant polyphenols. Thanks to this we protect ourselves from cell damage, we fight inflammation and we improve the health of our heart.
  • To benefit from coffee it is important to remember that we should not sweeten it with white sugar, cream or whole milk. Try adding, if you prefer, brown sugar, honey, coconut oil or some vegetable drink like oatmeal.

3. Whole grains

Something highly recommended that we should remember is that foods that contain whole grains are preferable .

The refined grains, on the other hand, have been removed from the bran and germ, where most of the vitamins, minerals and proteins are concentrated.

In case of exceeding in the consumption of white bread or white flour what we will achieve is that our joint inflammation increases. So, take note of the best options you can include in your breakfast:

  • Amaranth. This grain is rich in proteins, it has a very nice flavor similar to that of nuts and we can make delicious porridge or creams for breakfast.
  • The oatmeal An option that never fails. Combine it in a bowl of strawberries, apples and honey and enjoy a sensational breakfast.
  • Buckwheat It is very rich in protein and you can prepare tasty pancakes, pancakes and muffins with it.
  • The quinoa. This food is wonderful to fight the inflammation associated with arthritis.

4. Carrot juice

If you hesitate to choose a good natural juice for your breakfast, take note: your best option is carrot .

Its antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins C, D and K and its many minerals will take care of your joints and help you promote the synthesis of collagen. It’s fabulous!

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5. Pistachios

5 simple foods that you should include in your breakfast if you suffer arthritis

Surprised? It is possible that, in your case, you already consume them: a good handful of pistachios a day to take care of your bones and articulations .

  • Pistachios are an incredible natural source of protein that you should benefit from if you suffer from arthritis.
  • They are rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, fiber and alpha linolenic acid (ALA). All this allows us to strengthen the immune system.

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To conclude, we would like to add that the ideal in all cases is to maintain a varied and balanced diet.

However, sometimes, prioritizing certain foods with anti-inflammatory properties and rich in vitamin C, can help to alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis.

It is worth taking into account, for your health, for your well-being.

5 simple foods that you should include in your breakfast if you suffer arthritis