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5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

As it is said, the gaze is the mirror of the soul . Our eyes reflect not only beauty, but also our health and our state of mind. How to take care of them? How to always look bright and young? We give you five simple tips that will be of great help.

Simple keys to get an attractive look

What is it that prevents our eyes from shining with health and beauty ? Mainly fatigue, those dark circles that inflame our face with fluid retention, that shadow that usually appears in the morning. The passage of time also blurs the balance of our skin with those slight wrinkles … and what about those days when the eyes appear red and sting? Or those lashes that sometimes fall out and do not appear as thick as we would like?

In effect, these and many other causes mean that sometimes we can not look as attractive as we would like. But do not worry, we give you some easy-to-follow remedies that will be of great help. Do we take note? Excellent!

1. Potatoes for swollen eyes

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

Surely you have also experienced one of those days when we got up and, looking in the mirror we discovered an annoying swelling that gives us a sick, dull and unhealthy air. The eyelids are swollen, also the bags below inflamed. To lower this swelling there is no easier remedy than to take a small potato, peel it, wash it and split it into two halves. Then we apply each half in the eyes for 15 minutes. They are great for reducing fluid retention and inflammation. Then you just have to rinse with warm water.

2. Sensuous and thick eyelashes

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

Do you have a special event? Do you want to show off an attractive look where spectacular eyelashes are framed? Then do not miss this simple advice. You will need 50 grams of Vaseline and 25 grams of castor oil. We will mix both ingredients in a small bottle, and every night, we will apply it to our lashes for a week . You will see how after a while, the growth of your eyelashes and your health has improved dramatically. If you do it every day you will see the results.

3. Mint for dark circles

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

Those dark spots that sadden our eyes. We go out into the street and people ask us if we are ill or sick. How can we avoid it? Should we always resort to layers and layers of makeup to cover the dark circles? Absolutely. This remedy is very easy, you will not need more than five leaves of mint . We put them in a bowl and crush them well until we get a kind of filling. Then, we put the bowl in the refrigerator about 15 minutes so that it is really fresh.

Once this time has elapsed, apply it under the eyes, in the circles under 15 minutes, in this way we reactivate the circulation of the blood and reduce that dark color so typical. It is a simple and effective remedy that is worth continuing in those days when we see the typical dark circles on the face.

4. Remedy for red eyes

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

The red eyes is a very common reality in our day to day. Either it is due to an allergy, or excessive hours in front of the computer, or having them too dry, is something that undoubtedly, in addition to painful disturbs the attractiveness of our eyes . To relieve it we must first use a damp and fresh cloth that we apply on our eyelids. In this way, we decongest our eyes a little and obtain rest.

The second step will be to prepare a cup of green tea . Boil a glass of water and add two bags of green tea. Green tea is a great antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, excellent for reactivating the circulation, which is very suitable to relieve blood accumulated in the eyes, that inflammation. Once it has reached a boil, put the contents in the refrigerator to cool, and then apply each bag to the eyelids. Keep your eyes closed for half an hour and rest.

5. Remedy for crow’s feet

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look

Crow’s legs , small wrinkles that edify our look over time. They give us a small air of weariness that we sometimes try to disguise with makeup . But a simple way to mitigate them is to moisturize that contour of our eyes so that it recovers its original elasticity. It is a remedy that we must follow every day and with which we will obtain essential nutrients and vitamins with which to soften those wrinkles.

What do we need? Easy, just aloe vera and cucumber. Every night he prepares a teaspoon of aloe vera and two slices of cucumber. Mash everything well until you get a homogeneous mixture. We should apply it around the eyes for 15 minutes. After this time we rinsed well with warm water. You’ll see how good you look in the mirror.

Do not hesitate to follow these simple tips to enjoy a radiant and healthy look.

5 tips to show an attractive and healthy look