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Have you heard about sexual feelings? Actually they are part of everyday life. Enhancing sexual desire requires: desire, attraction and falling in love.

It is clear that each one argues a meaning, however, in matters of sex they are united.

Analicémolos individually:

  • Desire: It is the desire that drives us to interact sexually. Not only is it psychological, since after adolescence or when a hormonal change occurs, it increases.
  • Attraction: once you have the need, then that force is presented that
  • Enamoramiento: It is in this phase in which these terms come together. That is, you fall in love when you want and feel attraction for a single person.

The objective is that it is she who meets your needs.

What is sexual desire?

Also called the engine of sexuality. If we define it in a colloquial way, it is about the desire to be with another person on a sexual level.

However, the mistake that many make is to equate sexual desire with arousal. The latter is a physiological reaction, this means that we know that we are excited when an erection occurs or we lubricate.

On the other hand, desire is simply the force that helps us to seek Hence, there may often be desire, but when the time comes, there is a blockage in sexual arousal.

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Why can not I achieve sexual arousal?

5 tricks to enhance sexual desire

In some cases it is the thoughts that do not let us flow during the act. Such as:

  • Fear: You do not want to make a fool of yourself, you fear rejection for showing your body .
  • Anxiety: You worry about what will happen when you reach orgasm, so you do not allow it. Just relax!
  • Stress: It is the enemy of all human activities. Of course, tensions also block sexual performance.
  • Prejudices: It is more difficult to unlearn than to learn. Society is full of prohibitions that make us feel guilty. Break free!
  • Communication: This element can not be missing in the relationship. It’s the only way to express what you really like.
  • Passion: In this case it is not only about the carnal instinct. The fact of carrying an attitude of defeat in life does not allow you to enjoy freely.
  • Ignorance: There is nothing better than discovering what the human body is capable of. Sometimes you do not dare because you fear suffering physical damage; While you are informed nothing will take you by surprise.
  • Drugs: Taking a treatment with . Among them is the decrease in sexual appetite.

Does the absence of sexual desire have a solution?

Fortunately, increasing sexual desire is possible, regardless of whether you are male or

Having sex is in our instinct but many times we have to work to overcome the problem.

Pay attention to the following tricks:

1. Physical contact

5 tricks to enhance sexual desire

Getting away from the couple starts with a simple rest. Both seek to take time but do not say anything, just move away.

This causes the physical contact to disappear, how long have they been holding hands? , hugs and kisses were forgotten.

As long as they do not recover, the sexual act will continue to wait.

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2. Do not fear the erotic game

Actually having a satisfying night in privacy is not that complicated. It is not always about using erotic games or putting into practice fetishes in which you do not fit.

The key is to ask for what you want . Of course, also the wishes of your partner.

3. Change scenarios

5 tricks to enhance sexual desire

When was the last time you broke the routine? We are so accustomed to the , complying with rules and schedules that we have made bored sexual life.

In fact, if they asked us to have an encounter with our eyes closed, we would not fail. It is valid to change the spaces and provoke curiosity in each encounter.

4. Stimulating phrases

At this point, aspects such as values ​​and traditions are taken into account in order not to hurt feelings. That is, it is not about using rude language to stimulate

You have to know yourself as a couple and see how far you can go.

5. Love you

5 tricks to enhance sexual desire

Not everyone has the courage to love and accept. The above steps are useless if you do not have your own love . A safe person will always be desired and will not be shy when intimate.

It’s time to meet you literally from head to toe. Take a look at your emotions and your physical state. What do you want? Is there something you abhor?

Try to maintain a positive and energetic attitude but, above all, keep your mind open. Do not forget that in the bed there are no limits, until one of the two does not agree.

Of course, taking care of your health is an essential requirement. It is not just about eating a balanced diet but also about physical activity.

Take care of your appearance! It is a way to show your partner how much you love yourself and also to awaken their fantasies.

5 tricks to enhance sexual desire

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