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5 ways to stop waiting too much from others

Expecting too much from others instead of making you happy causes you the opposite . Because we can never allow ourselves to expect too much from someone we do not know if tomorrow will become a totally different person. Someone who will hurt us.

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We live surrounded by expectations, many of them unreal . When you see yourself suffering one disappointment after another, you realize that, perhaps, it is time to change the way you see others. Maybe stop waiting too much of them is a good alternative.

Expecting too much leads to disappointment

Waiting for what will never come or what may not happen leads us to suffer disappointment . Think that you can not expect anything from anyone because you do not control them and can change at any time. Do you know who you should expect something from? Of yourself

5 ways to stop waiting too much from others

For all this, we want to invite you to know 4 ways that can help you in your transition to stop expecting too much from other people. This will free you and allow you to drop that backpack of unreal expectations in which you deposited your trust. It’s time to stop waiting and start living.

1. Learn to differentiate dependency expectations

You may not be aware of it, but on many occasions you have blamed others for your own happiness . Therefore, the way in which they act will influence your emotional state. You are dependent on others because you have made them responsible for a part of you that only belongs to you.

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It is impossible to be happy if you continually depend on others to feel good . Learning to let go of those ties and leave expectations aside will allow you to see that happiness is in your own hands and that you are solely responsible for it.

2. Accept that you will not always receive the same in return

They have always told us that if we give we do not expect to receive anything in return, but inside we want to be rewarded in some way. That is why we expect others to act in accordance with what we offer.

5 ways to stop waiting too much from others

This only immerses you in a situation where expectations return to the first place. Accept other people as they are , not all will correspond in the best way and some will not. Do not worry. You should feel happy for how you have acted, not for how they have thanked you.

3. Never idealize a person or a situation

Expectations come loaded with ideal situations. For example, in a relationship we can see the other person as someone ideal and without defects, but this changes with the passage of time, causing great disappointments.

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Idealizing a circumstance or a person prevents you from thinking that everything can change and not in the best way. This will hurt you, hurt you, and you will not realize that you have been the one to blame. We can not control anyone or anything, to idealize is to believe in a dream that will never come true.

4. We all have flaws, even we are imperfect

Maybe you have never turned the tables and you have considered if someone has been disappointed by you. Maybe someone expected something from you, but you did not meet their expectations and this caused great disappointment.

5 ways to stop waiting too much from others

We are all imperfect , so we must accept ourselves as we are. How about we start accepting instead of waiting for that “something” that will never come? In this way, if someone acts badly you will accept it because you did not expect anything; On the other hand, if he acts well you will be pleasantly surprised.

Expecting too much from others will never be positive . If you have grown tired of disappointments, of seeing people change their minds from one moment to the next, of how they move according to what suits them, stop expecting too much of them.

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The only person you should expect something from is yourself. Accept others, never allow yourself to depend on others to be happy and free yourself from any ties that prevent you from following your path. Stop waiting and start living for real.

5 ways to stop waiting too much from others