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5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

The weather deteriorates all clothes , but especially towels, subject to continuous changes in temperature and humidity.

Therefore, when a season passes, we notice a certain harshness that grows with the months if we do not put a remedy to make the towels softer.

Why is it more complicated to put the softest towels?

Water is composed of minerals that adhere to tissues

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

The effect of this is the elimination of the initial appearance of our towels, so that they even scrape the skin, in case we do nothing to avoid it.

Softeners contain lubricants and silicone

These form a film that prevents the absorption of water. Although it sounds paradoxical, which in the beginning helps us to keep the towels

The ironing favors the aging of the fibers

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

As we all know, just as low temperature serves to keep any element in its original state, high temperatures weaken health. If you are one of those people who need to see everything perfectly

We do not oxygenate them enough

If you dry the towels and other clothes in the air, shake them from time to time to get air.

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5 tricks to make the towels softer

1. Use lemon and vinegar before putting them in the washing machine

Before starting with the usual method of washing, try to pre-wash with cold water, to which you will add a stream of lemon and another of vinegar . The properties of these products in the home are such, that they will guarantee a softer towels.

Do not be afraid of the odor remnants, since after rinsing, you will put them in the washing machine as usual, so the acidity of these products will be imperceptible to smell (but not to the touch, fortunately).

2. Avoid chemical softeners to keep towels softer

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

As we said before, the initial benefits of these products go against our purposes, given that the compounds create an invisible cover that prevents the tissues from absorbing the water as they should.

3. Add ammonia and vinegar in the washing machine

While ammonia prevents detergents from adhering so strongly to tissues, vinegar will have the same effect with the mineral salts in the water that we mentioned earlier.

In this way, we can make your towels softer.

4. Do not abuse soap or detergent

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

More is not more, that is to say, to use detergents or soaps in abundance does not imply a greater cleaning, but we run the risk that the opposite happens.

If we use some of the tricks mentioned, a small amount of them will be enough to return the softness to your bathing clothes.

5. Do not overload the drum

So that everything said so far works, it seems logical that you will have to calculate the load of washing, because if you include a large quantity, the home remedies will not have the full effect.

On the one hand, and on the other, the friction of some towels against the others will harden them and, therefore, prevent you from having softer towels.

Is the drying important to keep the towels softer?

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer

The answer is yes: more than meets the eye.

The ideal is to put the laundry inside the dryer, along with a drying ball or a tennis ball. These elements soften the towels, by curbing the effect of friction between them .

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If you do not have a dryer, there is also another trick that will work for you.

  • First, do not expose the towels to high temperatures for a long time, because you will age the fibers.
  • Afterwards, remember what we said to you at the beginning: shake them more than once, to open the pores and get rid of both the chemical and mineral transfers.

Thus, with these tricks we will obtain softer towels, but at the same time we will save money, both in soaps and detergents and in the renovation of our bathing suits.

Try these tips and you will not regret it. You dare?

5 wonderful tricks to make the towels softer